From Israel: Vote Ron Paul and Let My People Go!

Lately I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I sit here in my living room in Karnei Shomron, Israel, on the 8th night of Chanukah, wondering what other miracles lay in store on January 3rd and in the months ahead. The name Ron Paul is constantly at my fingertips. I’ve typed it in so many times the past month it’s insane. I’m experiencing an excitement I’ve rarely ever felt, and I don’t even live in America anymore. During the last Republican debate I woke myself up at 3am Israel time to watch an 8pm EST live stream on YouTube, with no fatigue whatsoever. I’m on overdrive, and I can’t calm myself.

I’ve only recently figured out what this excitement actually is.

I first got interested in the whole freedom movement when I heard that Ron Paul wanted to end all foreign aid, including to my country, Israel. This seemed like a spectacular idea to me. I hate the idea of taking American tax payer money I don’t need. The only reason we take it, by the way, is not because we need it. It’s that we don’t want to feel alone, and Jews always feel a deep existential isolation and loneliness. “As I see them from the mountain tops, gaze on them from the heights, this is a people that dwells alone, not counted among the Nations,” says Balaam of the People of Israel in Numbers 23:9. We still feel that loneliness. So we take the money. It’s shameful, it’s theft, it’s destructive, it’s morally wrong, and it makes people hate us for tying them into a conflict they have no business trying to solve. I wanted it to end and didn’t trust any Israeli leader to give it up on his own, so I looked up more about Ron Paul.

What I found was fascinating. On the forums, I learned of people who, back in ’08, literally gave their lives short of death to this man. Some poured money into his campaign they could not afford to give, and some even lost their marriages because of their single-minded insane dedication. This shocked me. I couldn’t yet understand it, but after a few days of listening to him, it began to click.

What is it about Ron Paul that inspires such extremes? Such maddening support on the one hand, and such fear and loathing on the other? I can give the answer in one word: Soul.

The essential soul of a human being is by definition free. The idea that men are free as determined by God is a concept that is foreign to most men. This is because most men want to control others, to take away their freedom. This is usually referred to as the drive for power. The drive for power is antithetical to freedom because power means the ability to control others. There is only one legitimate thing that power can and should be used for, whether it be military, legislative, or executive power. That is, to legalize freedom.

Ron Paul doesn’t want to be President to “give” me freedom. He doesn’t own my freedom and he didn’t give it to me. The only reason Ron Paul wants to be President is to stop punishing people for using their freedom that is rightfully theirs. He wants no power. This is clear to anyone who listens to him speak.

There are two kinds of human beings. Those who want power, and those who want freedom. You can tell which one’s which very easily. Those who want freedom are straight-edged. They are consistent, principled, and you can feel their human soul when they speak to you. There’s a continuum out there of human souls somewhere in spiritual cyberspace, and when you come into contact with one of these souls, you know immediately, because souls are by definition free. You sense sincerity, realness, consistency, a free human being. If you’re a man who seeks freedom and you come into contact with a real human soul, you become instantly addicted and you swallow up anything you can get your hands on. You want to unite immediately, no matter what you disagree on. There are people in the freedom movement that don’t exactly like Israel, especially me being a “settler” and I don’t care. If they want freedom, I sense it and my human drive for individualism suddenly turns into an intense desire to unite into a collective – but a collective of free individuals. It’s a beautiful dialectic, and it doesn’t matter what we agree or disagree on, as long as we agree on freedom.

You get hooked on Ron Paul and you desperately seek more and more, any video you can find from the past, any speeches you missed, anything he said that you haven’t heard yet, even though you’ve heard it a thousand times already in different words. You can’t help yourself. The voracious hunger to be able to use your God-given freedom takes you over entirely. It’s like you suddenly realize you’re human and the Divine Image with which God created you comes alive and catches fire.

But something else happens to you. Once you get hooked on Ron Paul, you can no longer bear to listen to a man who wants power, and you become instantly disgusted when they begin to speak. Before, they were just boring. Now they’re revolting. Listening to Romney or Gingrich or Bush or Obama makes you sick and you don’t know how Ron Paul gets through those debates without getting nauseous. You see a political veneer in these politicians that’s so transparent it’s like a ghost flapping its ethereal tongue at you. You can’t bear it.

What’s so maddening about hearing Romney or Gingrich talk is that there’s someone standing there saying things, but there’s no soul in it. These are not free men. These are power men. Not that Romney or Gingrich don’t have souls. They do. They are men just like you and I. But they have practically forfeited their souls to try and attain power, to control others with spin and talking points and contradictory statements like “I want to cut the budget and expand the military!” and they’ll say it with a polished tone and a straight face, just like a soulless recording. Their humanity is so buried under the mountain of lies they have told themselves, that neither they themselves nor you can even sense their souls in the human continuum. The scene of a human body speaking but no soul communicating can drive a free man mad.

The reason that Ron Paul never goes down in the polls is that he’s not “convincing” people in the everyday sense that he’s right on whatever issue. He’s activating human souls, lighting spiritual fires one by one speaking about freedom. Once a soul gets activated, and the man realizes that he IS free no matter what people do to him or tell him, there is no turning back. The other candidates are trying to turn heads with snappy one-liners that sound cool. Slaves follow these one-liners like mobs, and follow each other from candidate to candidate. Slowly but surely, Ron Paul activates a few of the individual souls in the mob as they bob from snappy comeback to snappy comeback and he goes up in the polls.

Yet, we cannot expect every man woman and child to understand or get excited about the message of liberty. In fact, most just can’t handle it. Being truly free is as terrifying as it is electrifying. The Bible tells us this very clearly in the story of the Exodus from Egypt. When Moses finally accepts the role of deliverer from God, he was assigned to say the following to my great-grandparents the Israelites:

“Therefore say to the Israelites: I am God. I will free you from the labors of the Egyptians and deliver you from their bondage. I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with amazing signs. And I will take you to be My people and I will be your God, and you will know that I am the Lord who freed you from the labors of the Egyptians.” (Ex. 6:6-7)

And what was my grandparents’ response?

“And Moses told this to the people, but they didn’t listen due to lack of spirit and cruel bondage.” (6:9)

Not everyone can handle the message of freedom. It’s too frightening for some people, and some are just too enslaved. Those are the people that despise Ron Paul, the same types who rebelled against Moses in the desert and attempted to go back to Egypt. Freedom is too much for them and they can’t handle the Divine gift. They want and need someone to control them. Their souls have been too battered by slavery, taxation, and wars.

But nonetheless, God forced my stiff-necked great grandparents to leave Egypt, and as a result I’m here today, preaching freedom once again, fighting not only for America’s freedom, but for my own from America’s influence in my own region.

Vote Ron Paul and let my people go! Stop meddling here and stop trying to buy influence by giving me money. Stop trying to be the all powerful Peace Maker and let us work out the problems here on our own! If we think Iran is a threat, we can handle it and we’ll take the consequences. It’s not America’s problem and you can’t afford another war.

Now I understand why people will give everything to this man. Whenever he’s asked the question, “Would you legalize heroin?” Ron Paul answers, “I want to legalize freedom!” Little do these people understand that freedom is a thousand times more addictive than heroin.

American Jews! Wake up! Set your brothers in Israel free! We were the first nation ever to be set free by God, and we brought the concept of liberty to the world when we left Egypt over 3000 years ago. It’s about time we set the example we were chosen to set.

The writer, Rafi Farber, is a member of Jews for Ron Paul and manages the website World of Judaica. Email him at

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  1. So sad says:

    The difference between freedom and liberty. Liberty – from libertus (Latin) which means liberated slave. Freedom – from free will – “how am I not myself?” (I liked when you quoted movies, this is from one of my own favorite ones “I Heart Huckabees”). Faith in goodness starts when one realizes that the human will is only free when it’s not harmful. To have faith in someone it means that they are actually free. I do believe the Jewish people were free and this is what G-d helped them, He did not do it because of certain rite or the other. Just because they were free, they had avoided doing many things which would have led to their liberty and thus G-d saw and recognized their labor to the labor of goodness, and those who were children of Cain have proven that they can resist killing their own brother and those who were children of Abel have proven that they have learned to consider all living beings, even the smaller ones to be G-d’s creation, and those who were daughters of Eve were given wisdom, health and more knowledge for turning their men away from misusing what was stolen which had led to Cain judging Abel and G-d and thus committing a sin that was a consequence of the initial lack of trust of Adam into G-d. I do believe these things I cannot prove, you can call me insane or revealed. But not all people come from the Jewish people and so I do not know about the others.

  2. AEC says:

    Like Ron Paul said, we each have our own reasons for wanting freedom, but our common enemy is oppression by whatever gang that takes over, whether by brute gang force or by infiltration and psychological warfare and deceiving the gullible.

    The UN is no friend of Jews nor Israel nor is it a friend of Arabs nor Muslims. Much less Christians. It makes some of the lips moving thing with some of the sounds we have learned to like, but its acts are brutally oppressive. Honduras pushed back against this hostile takeover in 2009 without complete understanding of it, and was condemned by the UN and all the hangers-on (many of the NGO’s) helping to push the coming global dictatorship prophesied in both Daniel and Revelation (and elsewhere in the Bible).

    The Bible has been about increasing respect for freedom world-wide. When the Israelites demanded a king, God said “Ye have rejected ME!” Proclaim liberty, Golden Rule Government.

  3. Jackie says:

    I want to add also Rafi, thank you! It is so amazing to hear from a person living in Israel, I hope you understand how many Americans need to hear this! There is a fear of not supporting Israel, we do not ever want to be seen as anti semitic! Also, thank you for clarifying the G-d issue, I was a tad curious about that, and I never knew the word God came from the word Good, but that is exactly what God is, and is to me:) (though I do not believe in a religion, after trying on many for size, none fit. I will never doubt there is a God!)

    Keep up the good work, you are amazing, and the world needs you and others like you:)

  4. Jackie says:

    God help us all.

    The reason why Ron Paul is so loved by his supporters is Truth. It resonates. It purifies the soul. The truth is, America has no right to kill innocent people. I am sickened, absolutely heart sick from the brutality of our government. I have literally cried myself to sleep, in horrific pain, from thinking of those poor people in the Middle East. America, wake up! You have blood on your hands. The statue of Liberty at this point should be holding a bomb, with a drown for a crown, because that is exactly what we represent to the world. How dare us! How have we allowed this? It did not begin on 9/11. Far from it. Prior to that, we murdered over 500 thousand innocent children by starvation. That was just with sanctions. If that is a sanction, can you imagine what war really is over there? You know it’s terrible when even our troops are coming back saying we are not over there for any reason having to do with freedom. We are there to steal, kill, and destroy. (sound familiar Christians?) WE are the terrorists.
    If I could have any wish come true, it would be that we left the world alone. We’ve done enough. We need humanity now. I believe in the spirit of America, and I don’t want to blame the people, but we do have accountability. We bought the lies. We pay for the killing. We vote in the murderers. As a nation, we are prejudiced against Muslims. This looks to me like a Muslim holocaust. The United States of America is called a Christian nation. Prove it! Where is the Christianity? Where is the love? I myself hold no religion, but I do believe in goodness, and evil. We have let evil triumph, and sacrificed our own souls in the process. No more! Freedom, from those who seek to destroy us from the inside, must be fought for. It is never given freely. Recognize who your enemy is America, look in the mirror. We must unite, the whole world must join in this struggle for justice, and liberty for all. And I do mean ALL, all Muslims, all Christians, all Jewish people, all Atheists, all villages, cities, states, and nations rise. Take this challenge. Stop the slaughtering!
    I do love Ron Paul, and I weep in joy watching him liberate our minds from the oppressive propoganda of our media and government, but it is up to us. The world will not survive a WW3 or a fourth reich.
    God help us all.

    Jackie Kayne Sherar

    • Rafi says:

      Jackie – Thanks for your comment. Though Christianity has never been peaceful. The more Christian someone is, the more violent usually. Christianity was founded in violence, spread through violence, and now that they’ve conquered everything, they calmed down for a few years, but now that Ishmael is threatening you guys again, you’re bombing everything.

      Meanwhile, the Jews are stuck in the middle, as always. The reason Ron Paul is not violent is that his Christianity is private, his real religion is the Constitution and liberty.

      • Jackie says:

        You are right, sadly:(

        Brilliant example by Barnslayer right below me;

        “Ron Paul says America is to blame for arab terror attacks but ignores the history of islam. Since the 7th century the moslems have been violent and intolerant of all non-moslem cultures. This pre-dates the existence of the modern state of Israel and America.”

        That is a Christian American ^^^ Sense the hostility towards Muslims? It’s ok to occupy their land and take their lives because they have had many issues? Goodness, this reminds me of people saying that Native Americans were always killing each other anyway, or it was the black mans fault we enslaved them because their people sold them to us. Sometimes I think America deserves whatever destruction she has coming to her. The history of Islam has NOTHING to do with what we are doing. I see this as yet another example of justifying the wars.

        • Rafi says:

          I view fights between Christians and Moslems as none of my business. To me they are both equally violent, they just go through cycles of who kills Jews faster. There is no difference between Christianity and Islam. They’re both seeking an easy way out to salvation by creed. Until the Jews – the father of both Islam and Christianity – come into their own and tell both you guys how to behave, you’ll keep killing each other.

          • Merlyn says:

            I do wish for an open mind when i say this. Christianity has been bastardized on many different levels. Many of those who present themselves as Christians are in reality anti Christians. “Salvation” is only granted two different ways. Perfect Righteousness, or the blood of Christ.

            “The law of Moses was unable to save us because of the weakness of our sinful nature. So God did what the law could not do. He sent his own Son in a body like the bodies we sinners have. And in that body God declared an end to sin’s control over us by giving his Son as a sacrifice for our sins. He did this so that the just requirement of the law would be fully satisfied for us, who no longer follow our sinful nature but instead follow the Spirit.” Romans 8:3-4

            Gods purpose from the beginning was to allow man to discover that no matter how hard he tries he will always fall short of gods righteous standard. Even on our best day we are unworthy of the kingdom of heaven. The reason salvation is not earned is because if it was earned then we would have something to boast about. Their for Salvation is a gift from God through our savior Jesus Christ.

            ” For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only son, so that every one who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.” John 3:16&17

            “Obviously, the law applies to those to whom it was given, for its purpose is to keep people from having excuses, and to show that the entire world is guilty before God. For no one can ever be made right with God by doing what the law commands. The law simply shows us how sinful we are” Romans 3:19&20

            To be a christian is to be a servant of Christ. And as a servant of Christ we are commissioned to make disciples of Christ in all nations. notice we are not commissioned to “Save” others as some Christians would like to believe. for only god can save us. But what i can do in Christ is refuse to let sin control me, be kind to others and serve others as if i where serving god. I am not trying to say that i do not sin, because i do that a lot. but i do not let myself be slave to sin but instead serve Christ.

            So what i was trying to get at is their are many people & “religions” who claim they are christian, but if they do not understand what salvation is and where it comes from then they are simply falsely classifying themselves.

      • Rayah says:

        Christianity was peaceful, prior to Rome claiming it and making their version of it the official state religion, thanks to Emperor Constantine. Christians went to their deaths, burned like candles, fed to lions, beheaded, etc. peacefully as their Savior did…peacefully, without anger but instead begging G-d to forgive their persecutors. However, once Rome used it as a tool to bring the pagans together in to one “church” it was forced on people the way Muslims force thier beliefs on people today; convert or die. Jews died for not worshipping on the pagan Sunday sabbath. Early Christians too, for the same reason. It’s been Sunday sabbath ever since, except for Jews and some Christian churches, such as the Seventh Day Adventists and Church of God. So, to say Christianity has “always” been peaceful, Rafi, you are incorrect. It was peaceful in it’s humble beginnings. Rome is to blame for the murders ever since. The Catholic church is stained with the blood of many saints.

    • Judith A Bradley says:

      Jackie you are a true patriot and I am delighted to read your post I hope we are friends on facebook .

  5. Eric says:

    To Rafi You are a true voice of reason and vision.I can only add one word .Amen

  6. Barnslayer says:

    I’m American, Christian, and very pro-Israel. Israel should not ask permission from the US or anyone else on how to defend herself. We should not be funding arab (moslem) nations. Yet I don’t understand the rationale of this or the other pro Ron Paul threads on this site. Ron Paul says America is to blame for arab terror attacks but ignores the history of islam. Since the 7th century the moslems have been violent and intolerant of all non-moslem cultures. This pre-dates the existence of the modern state of Israel and America. Lots of mosques in New York City. How many synagogues or churches in Mecca?

    • Agaidika says:

      Yes you are right, Ron Paul is the lowest of the Christian faith. So disappointed a Jewish man, with knowledge greater than those of a Christian it’s true, since they were and still are the chosen people, would fall for the words of a cheap preacher man, and a doctor. Religion? Ethics? Ron Paul fails at both. It fits since Christianity has opposed the Islam from the beginning. But these are words what hurts is that people have gone so low as to accuse America for the atheist horrible world we live in. Did they forget? It started in Europe. America never judged Europe when they came. They helped it be re-built. Do they know of any other country in history of mankind that has helped the peace effort of someone else once they had troops stationed there?

      • DrDawn says:

        Barnslayer ~

        You need to understand the difference between Jews and Zionists. You also need to get your facts straight about Dr. Paul. He is the ONLY candidate to have served in the military and the ONLY candidate who NEVER broke his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. If you have a problem with integrity and are satisfied to get your talking points from Cable TV, you will continue in ignorance and remain a tool to spread disinformation. He is quite aware of Islam, but believes in the Just War Theory of Christianity, which does not include pre-emptive war. We have 900 bases around the world in 130 countries (only about 80 more to go). Our national debt is the greatest threat to our national security with us spread thinly everywhere. Hitler lost because of a two-front war. How many wars are enough? We just borrowed money from the Chinese to put troops in Australia to support Taiwan against Chinese aggression… huh?! You don’t see where this has been going? Many Christians see the United States is on a course to usher in the end of Revelations.

        Listen to the positions and reasoning from the candidates’ speeches directly, not a manipulated summary offered by talking heads. Just look at the behavior of the Big Three candidates, the half-truth messages against one another, the warmongering… Matt. 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.


        A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

        • Agaidika says:

          WHAT do you mean the difference between Jews and Zionists? Why is self-determination a key note that would make Zionists not Jews? Oh I get it some people are liked as long as they keep on losing – no one would sever a bowed head.. as immoral as this may be, as a basis of friendship it’s no longer a promise for the future. Some people sever bowed heads and straight heads, and friends, and enemies, and family, and even the object of worship and need I point out from which religion’s dooms theory is this? Christians are the Conquistadors and they’ve won control of the planet and when they try to play the victim it doesn’t work, it only makes the entire one big pool of mud where you can only lose your face. Own up to your success and stop trying to play the meek so you can dream of inheriting the Earth so you can sleep well at night. Even the Chinese are converting, you cannot fool anyone you actually have enemies everyone’s too afraid of your twisted Inquisitorial thinking and the pain you bring with it to both body and soul! But have you really succeeded in commanding the entire universe to your will? Oh well, Time will tell.

        • Judith A Bradley says:

          Well said my friend

    • Russ Nelson says:

      By your words one can see that you are of the same cloth as Rick Santorum. You are ignorant , uneducated, fanatical, zealot who has no idea what you are talking about. Your grasp of history is lacking. You must be one that is afraid of freedom as you need to be told how to think and what to do. Yes there are those like you who fear the freedom this letter talks about. You would be lost. I pity you and the rest of your hateful kind who call themselves Christian. I would like to hear your rational on why you are pro Israel. I bet you would come off as a new age Archie Bunker or a Niedermeyer.

    • temudjin1155 says:

      Islam, Christianism and Judaism have peacefully coexisted in Spain in the middle ages

  7. Agaidika says:

    I don’t know about your country. But America’s story is a story of Love. Bring to me the weak, the tired,…
    A mother’s love know no limits. And no expectations. I really do believe that this country that may not be God’s, still was the most accurate to the Goddess’s plea for her human children – if one could put family and goodness first, great things would be accomplished. But yes She guides and protects, no mother would send her own children into the unknown.
    But the others always despised this country. the others always seen it as “the great unwashed” who got lucky. Now they are still lost into the maze that European empires created all over this planet. Violence from the south at the door, silence from the north, envy from the east, and cruelty and despise from the west.
    I shall return to the sea and never stop the others accusing it for all bad things that have happened in between. My waters no longer fast enough but still deep enough for any false heart that dares sail it. Eternal ice to those!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ivan Zovak says:

    simply loved it :)
    very deep feelings set to “paper” with great rhetoric.

    i just want to say “thank you”.

    and i understand your opening on that – i never lived in the usa.. i have no relatives there or anything else (except 10 years of playing american football ;D ) that connects me with the united states..
    but i can´t stop looking up everything about the whole ron paul thing. so you favored me twice. the first time with your essey, the second time by showing me, that im not the only foreign madman watching every movie/video, reading many articles and trying my best to be up to date :D

    greeting from germany.

  9. Rob Phillips says:

    That is the best summary of why people rally around Ron Paul that I have ever heard or read… and I read A LOT. Congratulations for being able to put into words what millions already feel but cannot convey to others who have not been “awakened” to the campaign for liberty.

  10. Artemis says:

    If Ron Paul touches the spirit of other humans where you say he does then this says it all. That place is not for human hands to touch. Like you said, these are not free people. In the face of the Paradox, also know as the heart of Isis, the Truthsaying Lion, one must have Faith. Angels still cry after they have seen the truth, Devils laugh, Sirens sing, Goddesses and God are mad. Love stands alone seeing humanity each day as if for the first time ever. And every day, She is blind as to them and still believes all their lies and promises but the light never changes color. Lime light.

    • Rafi says:

      I won’t pretend I understand what you’re saying, but it sounds very nice!

      • A. says:

        “Because you love me you will do as I say.” I was once enslaved by a powerful witch who knew all paradoxes of Love. I was however not enslaved by her because I loved her truly – as a human she lay weak and frail in front of God just like all the rest, despite her knowledge. I felt sorry for her truly, but when I tried to unleash her from her illusions that she actually cast a spell on me and not abused my Love for her, I became a slave of pain so great I never believed existed.
        Without magic humans have invented seductive words and general statements that protestant Christian preachers like Ron Paul are very good at manipulating. This is how I know I can convince God to forgive the witch for hurting me but I cannot forgive her for making a school and teaching others her knowledge and skill.
        You don’t owe Americans money. They don’t owe you money. They don’t owe you your liberty. They don’t owe you anything and neither do you to them. This is why you should vote as an American for what is good and useful for them without fear of making a mistake.
        Indulge yourself in guiding them into this new world without borders that they and their Mother British Empire has began building, and where education is the only thing that can get you a higher position than just an army, or a market or a producers. Most powerful country in the world needs to be more than a muscle with a shining wheel of radiant Constitution.
        I believed them that they tried to change and made something better – they failed at that but hey, they are only human. I have no regrets of working for them, of guiding them even if at the end they just want to behave like pirates still.
        No regrets. I loved them as British pirates and I slapped them as indifferent fools when they were. Now they need to try again in another direction and stopped selling me ignorance as goodness and stupidity as holiness.
        They will never stop sending troops all across the planet if the Army is the only way out of poverty for most.

  11. Jenna says:

    “WOW!” is all i know to say!
    this was one of the BEST blogs i have come across regarding RP. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Syrenia says:

    I swim forever now, it’s true. Am I free, am I enslaved by my natural need to be ever patient, ever loving? In these I do not know. Under the birches I weep no more. That’s all I know. I know what to do when God is mad, but when He is sad – about this I do not know.

  13. Timotheus says:

    Dear Rafi (“God Has Healed”)

    My Spirit is quickened by your noble words. I stand with you, meeshpacha (family) in Khofesh(Freedom) and in Kherut(Liberty). You have entered and claimed the Promised Land.

    Birkat Kohanim:

    The Lord bless you and protect you!
    The Lord deal kindly and graciously with you!
    The Lord bestow His favor upon you and grant you peace!


  14. Cristina pertierra says:

    Thank you so much for beautifully capturing the essence and soul of Ron Paul supporters. You’ve eloquently put into words what we’re all always desperately trying to communicate. Thank you!

  15. justin says:

    Amazing piece Rafi. Just amazing.

    Thanks for posting.

  16. Paul Larkin says:

    Enlightened is all I can say.

    You too give me hope with your honesty and clarity that this world might be come less embroiled in constant war, turmoil and debt.

  17. Goldbug36 says:

    Thank you Rafi for your inspiring article and allowing the video to be made using your words of wisdom. I have sent it far and wide. I have learned to love and admire Dr. Ron Paul, and I could never vote for any of the other candidates. We, the American people, have had enough war and empire building, thank you very much! It is time to bring our troops home from around the world and cut the strings that accompany the unconstitutional foreign aid stolen from our hard-working taxpayers. We must seek God and repent, and He will again bless the United States of America and our friends in Israel.

  18. This article is a work of art – by far the best piece I have ever seen written on Ron Paul. You deliver his message in a wonderful fashion and break it down well for people who don’t take the time to reasearch him. Please keep up the great work! We need authors like you to keep spreading the message of freedom and liberty. Together we can remove these corrupt people from power and RESTORE AMERICA NOW!

    RON PAUL 2012!

  19. Daniel Foley says:

    I am speechless. What a fantastic piece. You have absolutely nailed it. My poor wife thinks I’m mad with Ron Paul disease. The posters, stickers and mad devotion simply scare her. One thing I must point out, Israel represents freedom and as such Israel has my undying respect. I think Ron Paul has made it clear Israel has its own right to self determination. If Israel ever finds itself in trouble it can reach out to the United States, a large trading partner, and friend in commerce. As a self respecting lover of freedom we must allow Israel to be her own beacon of freedom. Israel is capable, strong and powerful with a people who spread the sacred rights of freedom to every corner of the globe. Israel should be respected not propped up by would be power mongers in the United States under the guise of protection simply to arm the endless war machine. To do so is an insult to a powerful and wonderful nation that brings light to a region waking up to freedom. It is not the job of the United States to determine the free and moral compass of the Israeli people. The Israeli citizens have chosen freedom and we must respect it and leave it alone. Should Israel face the threat of dictatorship from outside forces, the forces of freedom (myself included) will pick up arms to defend her freedom. Until that day, let Israel determine its fate and the fate of its people. That issue aside I applaud you for standing up for freedom – I’m Catholic and you are Jewish but we are brothers united by freedom and that is something no one can take from either of us.

  20. Judy Young says:

    Thank you for this article. Beautiful and truthful!

  21. Carlos Belo Nunes says:

    Rafi, reading this text of yours is a true mirror for me. Although I don’t live in Israel and I don’t feel the same issues about the American money going in my country, we share the same feeling when we’ve discovered Ron Paul. I don’t know as well how many times I’ve typed his name, just to know a update news, a new video, a debate, a policy, a fact or simply his voice. I’ve been fooled but now I see, all our lives, from us all who experience this excitement for freedom, this hope for a better world and the sound of truth coming out of a human voice… Keeps me with faith and will, to work and look for a better world – not just to me, but also to who will come after me, for you, for them and all the ones who can breath and enjoy liberty.

    Humanly and unconditionally, you have explained well the common need for freedom in our life. For that, we should praise you very much for this great text.


  22. Sherry says:

    You Ron Paulies are so funny! How many thousand years ago was it that they set your ancestors free???

    PULeezzzz Do not make up these kinds of things. They ruin the credibility of the person you are trying to support.

    All of the sentiments were good. The video was excellent but this article exposes the fact that you all got together in your dorm room and dreamed up a story! Guys and gals — you are exposed to the wind and the rain. It really bugs me that you guys have so much savvy and you use it to create fantasies and phantoms.

    But, there is absolutely no denying the video is good. The true message was good. The package was torn and not fit for company. Go get some good clothes on! :-)

  23. Barney says:

    Well done! Puts down in words my addiction since ’08.

    -from a fellow Ron Paul junkie

  24. Drew says:

    Absolutely amazing post, Rafi! Thanks for so perfectly putting into words what so many people around the world have experienced and are currently experiencing once exposed to Ron Paul’s message of Liberty.

  25. HEAVYSTARCH says:

    Very touching article – thank you for writing it.

    “Freedom brings people together” – Dr. Ron Paul.

  26. Adele....Bridgewater, New Jersey USA says:

    I too am addicted to Ron Paul’s soul. Thank you so much for putting it into words. I hope and pray we can give you a gift of President Ron Paul in Nov. 2012.

  27. TT says:

    Simply amazing!

    In such few concise words, you have, with incredible eloquence, capsulized the very spark that nature has endowed all human beings with. As with nature itself, once “lit”, it will result in an excited perpetual burning rage unless and until extinguished through some nefarious means. You have correctly illustrated, this is both the sheer enormity and simplicity of the Honorable Ron Paul.

    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words of wisdom. We Americans need all the prodding and encouragement we can possibly receive, as we continue to arouse from our apathetic national slumber of the past several generations. Thank goodness, we are not a stupid people. I will respectfully admit though, we have been extremely dumb! We’ve allowed our “muscles of freedom” to atrophy from neglect and non-use. As with any other physical rehab, our process will be painful but ultimately successful!

    Likewise to you in your struggles. May divine providence continue to provide you wisdom and guidance, as you toil to achieve all your wishes and dreams for your homeland!

  28. Jeff Oppold says:

    Outstanding piece….I’ve been a firm believer that the reason Ron Paul’s support continues an upward trend simply because once people hear his message, they don’t (can’t?) switch back or switch to any other candidate. After reading this piece, I have to agree with the author…Dr. Paul awakens something deep inside of people that most (myself anyway) weren’t really aware was there & once that happens, it’s something you just can’t deny. I’ve talked to many, many friends and family about Ron Paul and while I got a lot of static and regurgitated points that are so common on the entertainment news networks regarding Dr. Paul. Slowly but surely, especially these past couple years, many of them have come back to me to thank me for introducing them to Ron Paul’s message and to tell me they support him now…usually followed by a litany of questions about how helpless they feel given how he’s marginalized by the powers that be. Some find this “awakening” of sorts to be so profound they become like me where they will vote for Ron Paul whether he’s on the ballot or not. Some love the message, love freedom & liberty and everything else but “don’t want to waste their vote”. My reply them is always the same….how can a vote for freedom be a wasted vote?

    Thank you, Rafi….truly.

  29. dfrobichaux - Louisiana says:

    Thank you for the inspired words that were made into a wonderful video

  30. William says:

    There is nothing else I can say but thank you. Thank you for explaining those that are ‘afraid’ of freedom. I have family that absolutely despise Dr. Paul. But now I understand why. But when you want freedom and liberty, really want it, every other politician on the stage is nothing but in this man’s shadow.

    “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” – John Quincy Adams

  31. Ben Hur says:

    Thank you for a great article!

  32. LK says:

    Love the explanation of financial support and why it is wrong.

    Very nice, friend. And once you “get” it – their isn’t any turning back. The truth is the truth.


  33. David Knight says:

    Great essay. Especially liked the part of about how “power men” become disgusting after hearing someone authentic and focused on liberty.

    Interestingly there was an article in US News & World Report (link below) yesterday where they quoted a “nior Republican who advised a GOP president in the White House and is neutral in the GOP race this year” who said “[Paul's] a phenomenon – his floor and his ceiling are one and the same.”

    It must be puzzling for the “power men” to understand. They should see your essay. BTW I found you through the video on YouTube.

  34. Tatyana says:

    Wow, great article! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  35. Adrian says:

    Wow amazing blog. I know the feeling. I find myself scouring youtube to find yet another Ron Paul speech to get excited about. I’ve heard it all before and now Im re watching the same ones. My facebook page is plastered with links to Ron Paul videos and my status updates are constantly talking about Ron Paul. I’ve called all my friends and told them about Ron Paul. I convinced my GF to re register from Democrat to Republican so she can vote in the primary too. She doesn’t even care she just did it to finally shut me up. But it hasn’t shut me up.

    I can’t say I’m Israels biggest fan or Israels biggest detractor. I just want the US to finally be free of these toxic middle east politics we have no business in. It shows an incredible arrogance and hubris that US leaders think they can “solve” a conflict that seems to have been going on for a millennium.

    I like Ron Paul because he embodies what I’ve believed since I was a teenager. Thank you. Best of luck to you.

  36. Alex says:

    Thank you for the awesome article and video!

  37. Shaun says:

    Beautiful references to the “activation of human souls”. Thank you!

  38. Katelyn says:

    This article and video moved me. I had to tear up from the sincerity of the words. It is true the Ron Paul is a man with a great soul. Thank you for writing this.

  39. frank says:

    Thank you from Sweden

  40. Chris says:

    Great article. You put wrote the truth eloquently.


  41. Paul Palski says:

    Thank you for an amazing article about Ron Paul. I just saw it featured on a Youtube video. I must say it moved me very much, you have a great gift and i hope you will write more articles like that in the future. In case someone here would like to see the video here is the link:

  42. J.V. says:

    Beautiful words my friend. I watch the news constantly and can’t help but wish you and your people the best of luck. The hypocrisy of our foreign policy is disgusting and luckily i was part of the few that didn’t need him to wake me up. Anyways, thanks for the support and moving piece. Cheers

  43. kit_fisto says:

    I loved to read Your speech, You have a huge talent to write, very decent and epic/ poetic. Obama AND Romney’s biggest donors is Goldman-Sachs. Considering “End the FED” we all know what the amount of resisteance of the establishemnt will be in the coming weeks and months.

    I’m Pro-Israeli and truly believe, that Ron Pauls belief in De-Escalationist, Non-Interventionist Policy is the only sane way to go, and I know about the threats Israel faces, and the fear, considering that many religious maniacs in their neighbourhood, but still I’m sure, that every victory in Warfare tomorrow will only mean a Pyrhuss-victory and bring about nothing but Misery for our future generations to inherit.

    Thank You so much for Your words in the name of Liberty, Peace, and Truth, and Your Endorsement for Ron Paul! A German wishes You and all Ron Paul-Supporters: God speed You!

  44. Abi says:

    Yes don’t need their money but I would not give them the peace of mind of not reminding them, once again, that God did not give human the right to freedom but only the restrictions. The only true freedom the human had was to accept this restrictions because they are good and moral and were made for the wellness of humanity as a species. What they stated in their declaration was nothing but heresy! They should have kept their spinal chord and just declare independence from the King of Britain. After this farewell to them and good luck with looking back and drawing those lines parallel again.

  45. Been called by many names but mine says:

    Nameless me, I am lost and unfree in a world where a party named to be the beacon of Democracy leaves me no choice but to turn around through myself to see the truth. I felt tears from this article and I say Yes to it and at the same time I felt shivers and was filled with hope when Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. But in the end even if there is only one mean way out and it is unfair and unjust and an offence to all fair and just the price that this world has put on freedom, it’s never less true that happy are those who find it.
    And those who seeked and still seek power will find a reply to that too. Of this I’m sure, because I have lost all words and thoughts about what might make them change them, in the late light of morning. Out of excuses for them too. In the end since all humanity knows the truth -stolen or given- then all humanity truly chooses.

  46. Margarita Szechenyi says:

    This is my absolute favorite article on Ron Paul ever!!!! It made me cry and gave me serious goosebumps!!! It also helped me understand my behavior as of late (spending ridiculous hours & hours day & night watching Ron Paul videos and searching articles, just as the author describes!) and my unexplainable energy & joy despite 2 hours of sleep a night. :-) Your words describe my current condition to a tee!!!!! Thank you for this article!!!

  47. Lisa says:

    Great article Rafi! I wondered if there was someone else in the world like me – glad to know I’m not the only one from another country OCDíng on Ron Paul. Greetings and salutations from Australia.

  48. gustavo says:

    I have read some of the coments. But even when I liked Ron Paul in the beginning, I saw this video. There you can see mr. Paul and his insights on Israel. Since Israel is the most important place on earth, and the US (i am convinced of this) will continue to be a great nation only and only if continues to support Israel (I will bless those who bless you), and the day Israel is not supported by the US government, the US govenment will fall.

    I will vote by whoever is running against Obama, but I don’t want to see Ron Paul running for the republicans. Please see the video. It will open the eyes of many people.

    • natasha says:

      Gustavo –

      I appreciate your comment, but it is a bit pompous of you to say that America has to give money to Israel in order for America to survive. Israel wasn’t supported by the US government until 1967. It survived until then just fine.

      I dealt with this specific video in the the following post. Read it.

    • Think says:

      @gustavo: isn’t “thou shalt not steal” a core component of the Jewish ethic? How is taking money from American taxpayers by force and sending it to a foreign political entity not in violation of this? Seems Jewish individuals who live up to the 10 Commandments would not want to be involved in broad based theft. Now, if individual Americans want to FREELY send their own money to support Israel, that is fine.

  49. Mark Are says:

    Ron Paul represents the 99% (though many don’t realize it). He represents an IDEA. He represents FREEDOM, LIBERTY, SELF RELIANCE, RESPONSIBILITY. The other candidates, including the current usurper in Chief, represent the 1%. Since there are many more of us, WE can rally around Ron Paul, and change the face of the world. Ron Paul said, “I am not interested in winning to be President. I am interested in winning to change history.” When he wins, history will show that the 1% are not the rulers but rather WE THE PEOPLE who the Constitution was written to be the guide of government for, are the rulers. The question…do we continue down the road to slavery? Or do we allow a true abolitionist to free us all from the chains of bondage that the Federal Reserve and world banksters have placed around the necks of every man, woman and child on this PLANET? THAT, my friends is the real crux of the matter. ARE WE GOING TO BE SLAVES for the 1% or are we going to have a planet of FREEDOM for the 99%. YOU CAN DECIDE, and say screw what “they” want! . RON PAUL 2012, 2016 RAND PAUL 2020, 2024!

  50. Hans says:

    This is one of the best blog posts ever been written – not only concerning Ron Paul. There is something in it that is simply the truth. The truth for everybody who loves freedom.

    There is ereybody’s and every nation’s inherent right for self defense and self determination. And at the end these both ideals of freedom are stronger than all of their enemies. All enemies of the freedom of other nations who think about themselves that they are clever because they have this much influence I would give them the advise not be clever but try to be wise. Cleverness provides your short term interests. But this will not keep you going all the time. You feel mighty and untouchable? You are not. Thinking this means the beginning of the end for anybody.

    The ideal of freedom will give all persons and nations strength and the force to defend theirselves. It will go a long way. But this ideal gives nobody the force for more. It would be a lie – a lie everybody can see, at last the lier himself. And than he lost his ideal. Maybe this is today’s America. Ron Paul is the one who tries to keep the true ideal alive by fighting back its abuse.

  51. Gernot Hassenpflug says:

    Awesome article. As long as there are people like yourself (and, I humbly hope myself to be in the same category) who believe in individual freedom and non-coercion, then regardless of differences in viewpoints, the world will have a chance to run based on individual human action rather than the curse of collectivism.

  52. Isabel says:

    Thank you so much! Not only can I relate to you but I admire your ability to eloquently describe the process an individual, or how you better put it, soul undergoes the revolution of the mind. I have shared this with everyone!!! “Now is the time for Ron Paul.”

    RON PAUL 2012!!!

  53. David Niles Jr says:

    Excellent article! I have shared this with several friends of mine, and will continue to do so. Good job!!

  54. Grobian says:

    Wow! Your article describes my feelings about Ron Paul perfectly!

    Thanks and greetings from germany

  55. Burt Penchansky says:

    Very well stated;I’m a Paul supporter of Liberty for years now,getting more stressed and frustrated as the US Empire crumbles,meddling everywhere and going broke doing it. It’s the same story as all the Empires throughout History that have failed for the same reasons.
    BTW,does my name seem familiar….?

    • Rafi says:

      You’re my cousin aren’t you? Joe’s brother?

      • Burt Penchansky says:

        Right! Im also an enthusiastic supporter of Dr Paul for several years now.I attended his Rally For The
        Republic during the Republican National Convention! I firmly.believe that if people can be reached on a respectful level tbey will learn that they treasure Liberty above all else,as you have so eloquently expressed! Very gratifying to have found you doing so much good expression of Freedom!

  56. Pamela Jones says:

    Mr. Farber, Thank you for putting into words so eloquently what I’ve been trying to understand about Dr. Ron Paul. Bless you for speaking out on behalf of Ron Paul and freedom.

  57. Blaine Knapp says:

    Respecting each other’s sovereignty will make Israelis and Americans even closer friends.
    God Bless

  58. Zeus says:

    WOW, Rafi!!

    That was very profound as well as inspiring!! I as well am a Ron Paul fan and I pray that he does get elected and I pray that no Harm comes to him and his family. I have said to my list of people that I believe that “Ron Paul is the last hope for America and Possibly the world!!” I have been following him since 2006 and I agree with what you said:

    “Once you get hooked on Ron Paul, you can no longer bear to listen to a man who wants power, and you become instantly disgusted when they start saying words. Before, they were just boring. Now they’re revolting!!”

    That paragraph above is not only spiritually profound…….it’s PRICELESS!!!

  59. Seth Levy says:

    Take a look at Gary Johnson… all the positives of Ron Paul without the baggage, anti-Jewish history, and is able to attract Americans throughout the political spectrum.

    • M. says:

      Everyone has ‘baggage’ Seth, whether they admit it or not. And to those who admit it while honesty is a virtue that is not enough. However it’s true there is no true repentance without the truth. A man who knows none of his actual limitations is a dangerous man who seeks a Godlike position. In his dreams, he fancies himself as a devil with magical powers of twisting thoughts and beliefs of the unsaid. But in truth he is lost because in truth no human can ride the storm no matter what they might think at times when they are calm. All bad leaders know all human weaknesses and find a way to turn them into weapons. So let no human leader into your heart. They are politicians, not martyrs, not saints. False as idols but maybe good as politicians. So I don’t mind the cracked picture because an enemy is an enemy but a false friend can be the end of all of you. You can count down a lie much faster than checking if the love is true.

    • Kevin Ballou says:

      Ron Paul is the Field Martial of the Army of Liberty.
      Gary Johnson is one of his Generals.
      I pray that the the war for Freedom will be the only war that America spreads to the world.
      May the scales fall away from the eyes of Earth.

  60. amon says:

    Hay why don’t you come back to the US so we can all help Ron Paul win. For all our sakes.

    love and bless

    • Rafi says:

      I’m voting absentee from here in the FL primary, as is my wife. RON PAUL 2012!

      • Jeff Scarborough says:

        St. Rafi

        You have inspired me beyond all belief. I thought I was about one in a billion that actually percieved the world the in way in which you and I believe. Im still “chilled” to my core, at least that’s the way i would type that feeling, by the fact that someone else in this miserable, want to believe the worst is coming, and gladly trade my freedom for securirty, world in which we live. to read your words I have digested and have spread this message far and wide like nothing else I have ever endevoured. I have only thanks to give to you, that you have articulated what I have felt and voted “write in” for the past eight years. I give you the finest salulte there is, if there is one. The best to you and yours and thank you.

        Cheers to you and grace be to God Ron Paul Percervers.

  61. J.D. says:

    You don’t hear Romney talking about hiring illegal aliens for 10 years to do his yard work, or him going on a mormom mission to avoid the draft, or making sure his sons went on mormon missions to avoid fighting these wars for oil and opium, yet he happily supports our sons and daughters being slaughtered for the profiteering war mongers running the government. Romney wants to attack Iran, which will adversely affect Israel. Bachman wants to attack Iran which will adversely affect Israel. Santorum wants to attack Iran which will adversely affect Israel. Gingrich wans to attack Iran which will adversely affect Israel. Yet Ron Paul, who is the only sane candidate against attacking Iran – especially with the understanding that Russia and China will most likely get involved against the U.S.A – and who supports Israel’s sovereignty, is demonized by the media maggots and corporate shills? May Almighty God help us!!!

  62. JimmyT says:

    Too bad the Zionists an AIPAC are working overtime to discredit and smear the man.

  63. Larry Matyas says:

    As a descendent of the Kings of Judah, I must say that strength is the key to survival. I have to say the Ron Paul knows nothing of our progenators and the tenacity of the adversary.

  64. Larry Matyas says:

    As a decendant of the Kings of Judah, I pray that Israel be prepared, and understand that our enemies dream of our distruction. Doesn’t matter that they are unprepared. What matters is that they have made it known their dream of the distruction of the homeland. May their tenacity be their destruction.

  65. MJ says:

    While I will hold my nose and vote Ron Paul, I cannot stand his repeal of DADT, which allows for ‘gays’ to serve openly in the US military.

    I certainly hope that he would leave Israel be, but I would not count on it.

    • Mark Are says:

      What difference should that make?

    • Goldbug36 says:

      Dr. Paul’s vote to repeal DADT did not mean he favors homosexuality in the armed forces. He correctly believed that the UCMJ’s prohibitions of sodomy, bestiality, necrophilia, and any other forms of perverse behavior would take care of the problem, but the USURPER-AND-THIEF, Barry Soetoro, had these prohibitions removed from the UCMJ. Please take your wrath out on the usurper.

      Ron Paul is the most moral individual in the U.S. Congress, and before people criticize his positions, it behooves them to read and reread the Constitution and search for any enumerated power of the federal government regarding sexuality, marriage, abortion, or any other social issues.

  66. Larry Matyas says:

    From one that is a Grandson of Kings of Judah, I just hope Israel remembers her strength is in preperation and being ready for the un-thinkable. Remember World opinion is one thing but survival is another.

    • Sovereign Rising says:

      Remember Larry, survival is everyone’s RIGHT and there is no divine right to oppress.

    • wade says:

      Why shouldn’t gays be allowed to serve? Not that i support homosexuality but I support everyone’s right to freedom of choice. And I certainly support anyone who is willing to give theri life to prtect mine. And as far as Isreal goes, If we are going spend billions on nation building maybe its time we spent it on our own and delt with our own problems and let the middle east deal with theris. Who are we to OCCUPY any other country. We wouldnt tolerate it here. How would you feel if Russia decided that we were suffering from the tyrany of aou oppressive government and with UN froces invaded us in the name of liberation and then forced their ideology onto us. we’d be pised off too and start blowing shit up. Paul is right. They didn’t start comming over here causing problems until we impossed ourselves on them way back in the ’70s when we started using them for OIL. Study your history and you’ll find out that set up all of these so-called regimes that wnat to kill us now. Stop listening to the mainstream media and do your own research. We live in the information era everything is archived all you have to do is dig and you will see what I mean. I’m old enough I remember a lot of this.

      • MJ says:

        Ron Paul is a Liberal-tarian.

        DADT law was fine, or you like a pagan army? Eh?

        Well, my retired, (Luke AFB Sgt MJR) Brother didn’t and left the military as did his wife, my sister in law, also a MST SGT. They said it was ungodly and I agree.

        Tell it to the Marines, Wade.

        • AB says:

          You are so off base it is hilarious. DADT is unconstitutional. Disagree with homosexuality all you want, but what does it have to do with you? You like the opposite sex, that’s great, you like the same sex, great too. It has not affect (negative affect) on my freedom or the expression of freedom. Homophobia is only found in 1 species whereas homosexuality is found in hundreds. I respect your opinion but it is logically fallible and reasonably irrational. It was your brother and his wife’s decision to leave the military, a decision completely up to them, just the same as it would be for a gay couple to not join the military because of they don’t want to lie. But let’s put the shoe on the other foot. What if they left the military because they weren’t allowed free speech? You see what I mean, the ungodly distinction is up for debate (read: not true for all). It is narrow minded to say otherwise. I, for one, would like to thank all of the service men and women for protecting my liberties, and especially those whose liberties are removed in the process.

    • A. says:

      What world? What opinion? The world has an opinion? I though they were all in effort of being doing something – evolution or whatever they think. The world…. Humanity has only one opinion – if only they were not themselves, how hard could it be?

  67. dick says:

    People need to realize that the USA (and most countries on the planet) are CORPORATIONS run under maritime or statutory law. This goes way beyond Ron Paul.

    I’m a homosexual who supports Ron Paul but even he’s ignorant that the USA is a corporation and not a republic.

    The ‘rabbit hole’ goes very deep.

    Google about the USA being a corporation and statutory law or maritime law – it comes from Roman Civil Law or Vatican Canon Law.

    If we are gonna improve things we need to restore the Republic of the United States.

    • nick in CT says:

      You are correct on we are a corporation and under a de facto rule of law (that which appears to be right but is false) I think Dr. Ron Paul knows this , but there are just some subjects he won’t comment on because he already has so many other good issues to talk about.
      They would also more than label him as a COOCK, as they try to do now.

      Great piece of writing, I totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. It is my viewpoint that these are the Last Days and Endtimes,and the 2012 Presidential Election cycle will see the re-election of the current POTUS and the inevitable collapse economically and nationally of the USA into a fragmented Bosnia-like second rate geopolitical power. Islamic Jihadist across the Middle East will unify the Islamic nations into a geopolitical collective whose sole objective will be the destruction of Israel and severance of all ties to Western Civilization in favor of an Islamic Jihadists Confederation. Ron Paul will not win Election because the GOP leadership & candidates will not be able to come to agreement to allow Ron Paul the Nomination.He will therefore run on an Independent endeavor and turn into the Ross Perot of 2012 giving Obama a 2nd term. This will signal the death knell of freedom and liberty and the erosion of the American Republic as his Socialist and pro-Islamist policies transform the USA. Obama will negotiate a treaty with the Islamic Republic of Iran allowing them to attain Nuclear weapons and Turkey will sign on to this Peace Treaty as it becomes a Islamic Republic as well.The UN will hail the Treaty as the greatest geopolitical Diplomatic effort in history. The Scriptures clearly detail all of this unfolding in Ezekiel 38 and 39 and many other Prophetic passages related to Last Days and Endtimes. Your article was insightful as to one Jewish perpective regarding Ron Paul. But I personally feel You should ready yourself for the approaching spiritual tsunami that is Islamic Jihadism ascending in the Middle East empowered and enabled by the current American POTUS and his geopolitical policies. Here in the USA many of who share my viewpoint are readying ourselves and our Families and Loved Ones for what approaches. May the God of Abraham,Issac,and Jacob encamp His Angels around You and your LOveds Ones and Friends and keep You safe.

    • Dear Chaplain Bill: The dispensationalist “end times/antichrist/Armageddon” theology you espouse is the very thing that has encouraged the perpetual war in Israel since 1948. Christians are given a “ministry of reconciliation” because the gospel is essentially the reconciliation of “Jew and Greek” and “in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek”, Paul wrote in Galatians. Every “end times” prediction about Israel based on dispensationalist theology has failed and so will yours. How do I know? Because the theology of dispensationalism is deeply flawed and a complete denial of centuries of scholarly study of the prophecies of the Old and New testaments. I highly recommend studying the material at the website The Preterist Archive.

      • Rafi says:

        I don’t care what the Christians believe as long as they stop trying to interfere here because of it.

        • Dear Captain says:

          Dear Captain, so when the lions enter the arena was it fear and paranoia that kept their Faith or not pure Faith? And if you do believe in the Apocalypse then beware of spreading rumors because you might become a false prophet to yourself.

  69. Mike says:

    I had a similar experiance…when I heard Newt Gingrich speak about Israel. I needed to see what he had to say on the topic and I jumped around the internet in an adrenaline ridden state trying to find what it was that Newt Gingrich was saying during his campaign about Israel. During this search I came across the positions of the various candidates through necessity. This is what I saw in Ron Paul.

    I saw a man who feels the Patriot Act should be struck down. Never mind that the stakes have gotten higher, protection of privacy is by far greater than human life (according to the RP doctrine)

    I saw a man who does not have the spine to enter into a war unless forced by the people. If attacked, excuses would come forth about why ‘they’ felt a need to attack us.

    I saw a man who does not stand by Israel, not as an ally and not even as a ‘friend.’

    I saw a man who is extremely honest and stands by his word (for the most part). But in this same characteristic I saw an incapability to change.

    I saw a man who comes across as weak (probably because of his small frame) but because of this element is not likely to get a number of votes to match Obama.

    I saw followers who are extremely dedicated to the Paul campaign: Something that reminded me of Obama’s campaign. (And Obama has not been able to keep many of his campaign promises…such as closing Guantanamo (which I honestly believe he still wants closed) and his promise to stop wars America was in (he entered into Libya). Obama has also been a terrible president for the Middle East…especially for Israel)

    I am voting for Gingrich, not because “I believe in his message” or because I believe he is the most honest of all the candidates (Please don’t make me laugh). I am voting for Gingrich because I realize that in politics words have more power than promises. Claims of belief and ideology during a campaign holds more weight than specific promises.

    I am voting for Gingrich because, of all the candidates, he is by far the most intelligent and knowledgeable on foreign policy. I believe he will keep America far safer than Paul ever would (and in the process keep Israel safe as well)

    And finally, I am voting for Gingrich because I believe that he is capable of beating Obama.

    (PS: No way would RP ever enter into WWII commentors…seriously. Sure, isolationist may be the incorrect term, but he would say it was their war not USA’s. Come on, use your brains)

    • Gil says:

      Mike, considering that Gingrich came in a distant 4th in the Iowa caucus, barely getting into double digits, you might want to reconsider voting for Gingrich.

      • Mike says:

        Lol. The iowa poll is hardly indicative of the final nominee

        • TrentO says:

          LMAO! Haha good one vote for Newt. Don’t even worry about the ethics violations huh? Newt who would murder drug dealers? Same Nancy Pelosi Loving Newt? We really need an IQ check before we allow people to vote…

    • Mark Are says:

      What can I say? Rafi stated it quite well…some people can’t handle freedom and you must be one of those Mike! May the chains of tyranny rest lightly on you, and may your country men forever forget that you were one of theirs.

    • Goldbug36 says:

      Gingrich is Obama’s twin .. he’s a Third Wave communist, a globalist elite who will willingly carry water for his Masters. Please do some research before you vote. As Rafi stated, these people have no souls. They will say and do whatever it takes to gain a position of power.

    • FreedomNow says:

      Mike: You are so wrong on so many of the views that you posted! Newtie shouldn’t even be allowed to run with all the criminal acts he has done; first one in history to be ousted from Speaker of the House, taking millions from Acorn knowing all along the bubble was going to burst, member of the CFR, pushing NWO, trying to stop free speech, another warmonger among a few things. Ron Paul, as you stated is not an isolationist but believes in freedom and liberty for all. He is very strong on defense and would have no problem going to war should we be threatened but it should be declared by Congress. We are financially strapped by all these wars and cannot continue invading every country that Obama deems “necessary”. The war stuff is propaganda from the elite and the media. The head of the CIA stated that Iran does not have nuclear weapons and not building them and they would not have a way to bomb us anyway. Russia & China will stand with Iran; can we afford a war with them; possibly WWIII????? Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke directly to our Congress saying that Israel does not need or want our help; they have many nuclear weapons. Those of us wanting our country, our freedoms and liberties restored will not thank you or any others that will put someone beside Ron Paul in the Presidency. And, he knows just as much or more than Newtie. He has predicted and been saying what was going to happen years before it has and people are now realizing that what he has been saying is true. You are being fooled by another smooth talker just like Obama! Newtie doesn’t have a problem lying to get what he wants and then runs the way he pleases; like Obama. Oh, and with the wars, check out how much the elite & Military Industrial Complex make off the wars; they are the one pushing for more wars because it keeps them rich and powerful.

  70. Steve says:

    Great letter. Pity you are a settler and I reject many of your mythical references. Your great, great grandparents were probably Ashkenazi converts actually and you are squatting on land that does not belong to you and denying freedom and human rights to the original owners by doing so.
    Iran is a far more decent and pious country than Israel will ever be and it is my wish that the USA goes down, and stops supporting you, so you can be stopped and Palestinians can once again live in freedom, or else I wish to see you driven into the sea. Still a good letter and it does bespeak a soul, which is interesting since I was convinced Israelis lacked souls myself.

  71. M Martinez says:

    Wow! That was excellent. While I disagree with you philosophically (I am a traditional Catholic and believe in One God in three Divine Persons) it was like you jumped right in my head with regards to the Ron Paul “addiction.” I don’t think I could have verbalized it the way you did and I certainly didn’t think others felt EXACTLY the same. I also liked your response to the racist issue. I totally agree. I plan on sharing this piece with many. Thank you!

  72. Art says:

    I am just wondering why so many of you fellow correspondents praise and hail a man, who as a matter of fact, tells nothing more than a short version of an epic, nothing new to me and, I guess to those who keep eye open on political and economical situation for at least a decade or so…My name is not Rafi Farber and, I am not a Jew, and in addition to all that, I am not living in America, not even close to its borders. Still, I think my personal view and knowledge on the whole global, not American-Jewish relation alone affairs, is much braod and truthful to the point of any historical deeds given by and ArchAngel or someone alike. So much excitement about nothing more than a piece of logical explanation based upon the documents and observation of a simple man, gives me an idea, how lost this world really is, people living without God and spiritual life, meaning without wisdom…

    On the other hand, Ron Paul is a guy who has the right formula to correct the problem which is already way overdue in time and sacrifices that the entire world has been paying ever since the elite establishement of the “invisible hand” ages ago, which grabs money and land from honest, hard working people.

    We all, united in tradition of our ancestors must wake up and demand something more reliable and in accordance to the law of Moses. Peace, no weapons is a key, of course as an addition to a daily prayer.

    Best wishes for the New Year from Poland !!!

    “Wrong is wrong even when everybody is doing it, and right is right, even when nobody is doing it”
    -Saint Augustin

    • FreedomNow says:

      Good point. I truly believe the way our country has “tuned” God out of everything and the power of the atheists has become too strong starting with Madlyn Murray O’Hair. The idea of not being able to have a Christmas scene in public places, etc., etc. keeps people from realizing that God must be at the center of our lives as it was with our founding fathers. We must stop the wars and try for peace with all people.

      Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind. John F. Kennedy

      Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.
      George Washington

      They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety. Benjamin Franklin

  73. Kristie says:

    What a great letter. It is so true, I wonder when the freedom haters will see the light and realize they dont need anyone to control them, they can control themselves. I wonder what they are truly scared of, as it does not make any sense to me. It was nice to see that an Israel citizen is asking for the foreign aid to stop since they dont even need it. Imagine if we helped people that needed it rather than people that dont, our country would be much better off. We should start by helping ourselves, and then our families then our community and then the world. We cant help others if we cant help ourselves. Thank you for posting this letter, it inspires me and lets me know that the entire world is counting on Ron Paul to be our next president. Peace to all,, and happy new year

  74. Rob says:

    Why won’t Ron Paul be POTUS? He’s not qualified. Ron is honest, intelligent , and compassionate. The job of POTUS requires a practiced (and convincing) liar, ignorance, and amorality (immorality will be OK,
    especially if another big false flag is planned). So, we will get BO, or one of the sleazebags (maybe even Jeb bush), running on the republican ticket. The current system won’t tolerate integrity.

  75. Joe Krill says:

    Truth and Freedom go to together very well. Thank you. Joe Krill

  76. Train says:

    Beautiful…. But where would RP isolationist views have put the Jewish people in wwII?

    • ANDREW says:

      It’s not isolationist…non-interventionist. America would have probably entered the war earlier if Ron Paul had been in office because the sinking of our merchant vessels by the Nazi U-Boats would have been considered an act of war. Ron Paul has explicitly said that he would have in fact entered into WWII. You need to educate yourself on isolationism vs. non-interventionism.

      Non-interventionism abides by the tenants of “Just War Theory.” Our current policy does not abide by these tenants:

      Just cause, right intention, probability of success, last resort, proportionality, fair treatment of POWs, military necessity, distinction all violated by Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq…and the eventual Iran.

      Set Israel free…they don’t want our help and their PM has expressed this…Ron Paul is right.

    • Jon says:

      Whoa, dude, good question.

    • Constitution 1st says:

      It would have put them right where they are. Congress declared war, and we entered to defend our freedom against tyranny. Ron Paul is NOT an isolationist. He only wants to follow the Constitution and go to war when it is approved by the American people via Congress. What’s so “dangerous” about that?

    • nesNYC718 says:

      Hitler would have never risen since there would be no powerful Wall St. and Federal Reserve behind it. The Federal Reserve and it’s associated banks and corporations are the REAL reason for the world wars. History would have taken a different and more positive course.

    • Hobbit says:

      One war against one country is a bit different than 120 places of conflict we have caused for the sake of oil, poppies, etc. Let the oil and drug cartels hire their own armies. Ron Paul 2012 R3VOLUTION!

      • HumanLiberty says:

        @Constitution1st: I think it’s a little more complex. Yes, we declared war in response to Germany’s declaration, but that only happened in response to FDR’s deliberate goading of and sacrifice to, the Japanese at PH – something Dr. Paul would never have done. So if we’d had Dr.RP instead of FDR, it’s likely the USA never would have entered WW2 and more Jews, and everyone else on Hitler’s hit list, would have perished.
        1) That doesn’t mean FDR/America was right to her founder’s advice and construct events in order to enter the war. America’s business is herself, not Europe nor the fate of her various populations at the hands of her various tyrants. The fate of the Jews or any other group is no reason for Americans to support participation in foreign wars. And I say that as someone who lost 9/10 of my maternal grandmother’s large family to Auschwitz and still deals with the resultant heavy emotional baggage in my family.
        2) More importantly, if Dr. Paul had been president in 1917, I think it’s safe to say probably WW2, and certainly the holocaust, would never have happened. I fully develop that line of thought at my WordPress site and invite you to come read it. I’d be very interested to read your comments.

        Shalom, and Ron Paul 2012!!!


    • FreedomNow says:

      We are not in WWII so why worry about that which happened so many years ago; let’s worry about the here and now. Our country is being drained financially by war and it must be stopped now! Ron Paul has no problem with Israel but knows that Israel can quite easily defend theirselves so why do we have to butt in; let Israel take care of Israel and let America take care of America for a welcome change.

  77. Eric Skorzeny says:

    Wow, man, thanks for this post. I have to admit I’ve resented foreign aid to Israel for years. I’ve always felt like I was being stolen from. And that doesn’t fall on the people of Israel, it falls on the politicians of the US. You’re right, it does nothing but foster animosity.

  78. This post is going deliciously viral. I first saw in Lew Rockwell, and then in G. Edward Griffin Unfiltered News. I hope you don´t mind me reposting my eamail to you here. Again, my deepest congratulations.

    Dear Rafi,

    I was deeply moved by your last post in LRC. It surprised me, really. Suddenly I noticed there were tears running down my face. And it is even more shocking, given the fact that I am not a Jew, and I am an atheist.

    I recently made a translation to Spanish of Heil Obama!, the recent wonderful talk Lew gave at a Casey Research conference. I did that because I believed it was of crucial importance to share it with my small-government community here in Uruguay. Lew was kind enough to give me permission to post it in my blog. It´s here.

    Can I do the same thing with your article?

    Thank you very much for the great contribution to world liberty.

  79. circlev says:

    as a previous poster said, you have captured feelings that I have been unable to express. There only seems to be two groups; people who love freedom and those who fear it.

  80. Jeff says:

    Thank you for the article Rafi, I applaud you for speaking up and telling the truth. As of late I’ve had a number of establishment Republicans call me an anti-Semite because I believe in Ron Paul’s stance on foreign aid or foreign policy. It’s amazing to me how someone can come to that conclusion when I have Jewish friends. These so-called Republicans also show hatred toward other religions as well and want to continue the wars that kill innocent people (which include our troops) and want to start new wars which could lead us into WW3. I’ve been a life-long Republican and can’t believe I’m hearing this stuff. I have to remain a Republican to vote for Ron but after that I’m done with that mafia group.

    • Theresa says:

      Jeff, Both side are the same! They are both controlled by America the Corperation (or your words, mafia)! That’s exactly what they want us to think, that there are two sides! DEMOCRAT equals REPUBLICAN and REPUBLICAN equals DEMOCRAT it’s just to keep us fighting amongst ourselves….RON PAUL equals FREEDOM

  81. Michael says:

    I too find myself in agreement with a lot of what Ron Paul says. yet, in the same breath I have to say that he is only a single person. We have to remember that it is WE that hold the power, It is WE who must be ever vigilant, It is WE who must love and demand the freedom that love brings. People fail and those who subscribe to that person’s weaknesses are the reason that human history is so full of weaknesses parading as strengths. So full of governments and corporatocracies holding power over the freedoms of people when it should be, We the people, sharing their love with all on this planet. We do not need governments as they are now conceived, a narrow minded structure that serve the needs of only a relative few monied and connected individuals and corporations.
    These negative individuals have served a purpose in refining our thoughts and desires…it is time now to step away from the refiners fire of fear and be the love and freedom that has always been our heritage.

  82. TheRightView says:

    Reading these comments, I’m convinced you guys are passing around a bit of that which Ron Paul wants to legalize…. Dear God, or G-d…. bring us back to reality where people realize that there will be a superpower in the world, and it better be the U.S. a peaceful nation. And it might be prudent to bring God back to America and throw Hollywood out because with so many nations getting nuclear weapons, and China having our military technology and stealth plane, as well as our assuring Russia that we won’t continue developing nuclear DEFENSE technology… we’re going to need Divine Intervention because our ally Israel won’t be around to help us and Iraq will be under Iran’s control and Pakistan, Afghanistan will belong to terrorist groups.

  83. Trude Blomsoy says:

    Dear Mr. Farber,

    Thank you so much for a beautiful article so far above the usual dry and dirty political pieces !

    I clearly remember when Dr. Paul said on tv “I do not want to rule you.” Has any of the
    other candidates said that…?

    Your article will be passed on from sea to shining sea.

    Trude Blomsoy

  84. logan(: says:

    this issue which he speaks so dearly about is truly inspiring his want to set human equality and freedom right is somethimg people should look at and take with a stance of this is how we should interpet things that freedom is born with not given to because as he stated no owns your freedom.

  85. Becky says:

    This is fantastic writing Rafi! I am not Jewish but I believe in freedom of all countries and all backgrounds – you found the heart of the Ron Paul rEVOLution :) Thank you for writing this!

  86. Thomas Joy says:

    I’m also a fan of Ron Paul. I’m not Jewish but I find the freedom which he speaks of to be what America is all about. The thing about Mr. Paul, is that he makes sense. Unfortunately, there’s no room for someone that’s honest and loves freedom in American politics. That’s the incredibly sad thing about it and why Mr. Paul will never be president.

  87. Dale says:

    Rafi —-THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Your piece was with out a doubt the third finest piece of written material I have ever read, the first is the Declaration of Independance, and the second is the United States Constitution. Pretty good company if I do say so. If the majority of people in the U S had your understanding, our couontry would not be headed for the disaster it is. I viewed the video that you told the other writer to view, my eyes are still wet. Ron Paul if nothing else will surely have a place with GOD when he leaves this earth. I hope with all my fervor and heart that Rom Paul gets elected President of theese United States, I truely believe he can and will make a great difference in our country. I wish all his deetractors could read your article, and see that vidoe, then let them call him a idiot or a wacko, or especially a racist, again THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR A PRISTINE PIECE OF WRITING, also your intuition into the human condition os remarkable. I an going to try this , forgive me if I error——SHOLOM

  88. elizabeth bookspan says:

    Awesome! Your article is awesome, right on and explains God’s will for anyone who will follow Him. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opening minds. Blessings to you and your family.

  89. Robert Zraick says:

    Thanks for such a wonderfuul statement. I am an American, and I am a Ron Paul suppoter. I am not a Jew. For many years I have watched politicians who have voiced an unfailing message that Israel is our friend and aly. But something was wrong in the meaning of their message.

    I believe that it is entirely politically motivaded in a system where politicians will say anything to get votes and expand their power. The expansion of power is the opposite of freedom.

    I have to admit that hearing only from the politicians on this, I was starting to question the motives of Israel. But reading this essay has given me hope for us all. This has greatly help me to understand more than I ever knew before.

    We are all brought together by freedom. It is the commom thing which binds our humanity together.

    It must become the persuit of all if we are to keep our souls and our honor.

  90. Christopher says:

    Every moment presents a wonderful future filled with
    wisdom,knowing,and expressions of a higher self.
    l trust Ron Paul, his constant insights towards the future
    is challenging refreshing and wise,looking forward to the future
    is high on the agender when this man gets elected.
    so stop the worry,and get positive the whole planet would be a better place if
    every country had a Ron Paul. Amen.

    peace to all,

    from an Australian Fella.

  91. Tiffani says:

    Thank you, Rafi!
    After seeing this on a Facebook page and reading it we shared it by email and FB. I feel that you have eloquently and poetically cut to the heart of this and have made us feel like we are not alone In our zeal and love for Ron Paul’s message. It is the best article I’ve seen and is a soothing balm in the wake of so much media slander.
    Thank you for using your God given gift of insightful writing to encourage and educate we the people.
    PS… My husband and I also enjoyed reading your “about us” page and learning about all you are doing in Israel!

  92. Kimmie72 says:

    Your essay is wonderful and well written. Nothing is greater than freedom. People have died in search of freedom. I see both negative and positive comments for your blog. I must say that the negative comments are overwhelmingly ignorant that are best to be ignored.

  93. enubus says:

    Ron Paul is a lunitic and in a world like today, the worst thing for America is Isolationism. Ron Paul’s newsletters speak for themselves. Tell the truth Rafi Farber, when you write this tome, you were off your medications. To belong to the Ron Paul cult you have to suffer mental illness.

  94. Clarencwe Jaeger says:

    When God finally had enough people to call a nation he implemented his ideal forum of government. A government of law, (a Republic). The Hebrew Republic was divided into 10’s, 50’s 100’s 1,000’s with judges chosen within each unit to adjudicate the law. This was a representative republic and it lasted about 400 years and the Israelites rejected it for a king over Gods objections. A Republic is God’s chosen plan of governing and Ron Paul is a proponent of our Republic and its constitution. If Israel would readopt the Hebrew Republic model they would become the envy of the Mideast.

  95. Keep spreading this message. I am so tired of hearing that I am an “anti semite” because I support Ron Paul. It’s messages like this that make me proud to stand next to my friends whether they wear the star of david or a cross around their neck.

  96. Susan Roesser says:

    Rafi, I found your writing very imformative. I’ve been praying about whether or not to support Ron Paul or Michelle Bachman. My daughter is a Paul supporter and has been keeping me informed. I have also been doing some of my own homework. I’m a lover of Israel and the Jewish People. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem every day. I do believe that the Lord created America for the purpose of standing with Israel 24/7 and to come to her aid whenever needed. Have you ever noticed that (usa) is right in the middle of the name Jerusalem? I persnonally don’t believe that is a coincedence. Right before reading your article I read a very negative article about Ron Paul. I began to pray and ask the Lord to reveal His truth to me and to guide me as I make my decision about who to support. I then clicked on your article and I believe the Lord has truly answered my prayers. The 2012 election is truly the most important election in the history of America, we need to pray that the blinders be removed from the votors of our nation and to see the truth that Ron Paul is trying to convey. The truth is what truly brings liberty!!

    • Rafi says:

      Thank you Susan. Don’t vote Bachmann. She will start another war she has no business being involved in. And The USA – JerUSAlem thing, never thought of that. Cute!

  97. Zero7even says:

    Rafi, excellent post! You articulate perfectly what I’ve been feeling for ages.
    I’m sharing this far and wide!

  98. Kathy DiGangi says:

    I’m a Christian living in Chicago and you described my experience at hearing the Ron Paul Freedom Message exactly as it happened to me. Isn’t it amazing how the Freedom Message unites all kinds of people? No matter what issues we differ on, we can get along in love and peace if we agree on that one issue: Everyone is FREE by virtue of being God’s creation!!

    I love people of ALL faiths. My daughter is dating a young Muslim man from Palestine and we love him and he loves our whole family. This kind of unity can exist and flourish when we respect the natural-born right of freedom for all individuals. Thomas Paine said: “Whatever is my right as a man, is also the right of another; and it becomes my duty to guarantee, as well as possess.” (Rights of Man, published in 1791)

  99. Rick Grote says:

    Great essay! I have someone that continually asks me why I support
    Ron Paul. Rafi, you painted a great picture with this essay that just may reach him.
    I might actually get him to vote Ron Paul in the Iowa caucus.

    I will share it with my wife.


  100. jess says:

    your prime minister seems to agree:

  101. Alf says:

    Excellent work Rafi, now if we could only get Jews in the USA to analyze and expose the facts as you have, we’d have a much stronger voice for freedom within our country.

  102. Aaron says:


    You claim to be a Jewish settler on the West Bank that is writting in support of Ron Paul.

    Please kindly expalin the use of the King James Bible translations from the Torah. Please also explain the decision to not simply use your own English and simply translate?

    Also, why did you deviate form the common practice among all orthodox Jews not to express the name of G-d as “Hashem” or to say “Moshe” instead of Moses. Why do you say it’s about the use of the tetramagration when in fact, it’s about respect for the publication of the name, and not use “G-d” like is standard practice for a million orthodox and relgious Jews?

    Why do you discuss the soul, in Christian terms like “forfeiture?” Why glean meaning from the English translation of Torah passages in Chrisitian terms, from a Christian translation?

    Please explain.


    • Rafi says:

      Aaron –

      You commented before nastily, but this time you are asking me a serious question, so I’ll answer it.

      I have no king james in my house. I based my translations on the JPS (pocket edition) and improvised around it with my own words. The reason I didn’t say “Hashem” or “Ribono Shel Olam” or “HaMakom” is that non Jews don’t understand what these words mean, and Jews are not my primary audience in this post. I spell God with an O because God is not the shem meforash. Plus, even if it was, there are myriads of modern Psak (tzitz eliezer I believe is one of them) that discount electronic writing as Ktiva in general, so theoretically I could even write the shem meforash in hebrew on a blog post and it wouldn’t mean a thing.

      I was unaware that “forfeiture” of soul is a christian idea. I don’t know anything about christianity nor do I particularly care what their ideas are. I guess the Jewish equivalent would be Ramban’s explanation of Par-oh (notice I did not write Pharaoh, in order to calm your nerves) losing his bechirah chofshis (is that heimish sounding enough for you?).

      And if you are to counter that I am responding on Shabbos, I’m in ISRAEL so it’s currently Motzash here, 6:35 pm, and licht benching was at 4:24 on Karnei Shomron, located on the border of Ephraim and Menashe.

  103. Patrick Barron says:

    Well said! The same should be said about Europe and our allies in the Pacific. Tru allies are not slaves or kept nations. Europe is perfectly capable of defending itself, as are the nations of the Western Pacific. This will not make America isolationist anymore than it makes Switzerland, for example, isolationist because the Swiss do not have troops stationed in foreign countries.

  104. Eric Klein says:

    As an Israeli and an American I have to say that you are completely wrong.

    Ron Paul’s type of isolationism will only make things worse for Israel and the United States. The US has the role, right or wrong, of super power and Ron Paul would like to throw it away.

    This would mean that there becomes a power vacuum for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin, Hu Jintao, Al-Qaeda, or others that hate democracy, the USA, and Israel to fill in the void.

    The immediate result would be that the US gets attacked hard, with Israel getting it as hard. Europe would be next – and probably from within.

    Then you have your choice of what each of these “freedom loving” leaders would turn these countries into.

    All to save the price of helping Israel purchase products that create American jobs and living up to the obligations that the US under took as part of the Israel/Egypt peace treaty.

    Ron Paul is wrong for Israel.
    Ron Paul is wrong for the United States.
    Ron Paul is wrong for the whole world.

    • Marc says:

      Who ever wrote the rules for a superpower nation? Where is it written that a superpower has the authority to roam here and there about the planet and force compliance? Nations that hate us don’t hate democracy or the republic. They resent us because we occupy their nations. If strangers invade your property and your house in the night, do you not defend yourself? Do you not protect your family from the assailants? Our very presence FORCES them to confront us. We have done this for so many decades that Americans have become conditioned to believe that this is their “role” their “right” to interject in the affairs of others. Are we so arrogant? Can I go into your neighborhood and into your home and tell you how to live? What you will and will not do? Would you have respect for me? Or disdain? We Americans have lost the ability to see the points of view of others. Put the shoe on the other foot and TRY to tell me that it is righteous and just to continue doing what we’re doing.
      Marc W. Semones
      Petty Officer First Class, United States Navy
      USS Gladiator

    • Gary B says:

      We are broke. How long will the U.S. be a superpower to be the “caregiver” of the world? The only way to save this country is to stop spreading the empire and live within our means or we will quickly go the way of Rome, USSR, Ottoman Empire, etc. etc.

    • Chad Palmer says:

      As an Israeli, you have to do what you think is best for Israel. As an American, you have to respect the law of the land (The Constitution). As a Ron Paul supporter and a veteran, I respect your viewpoint and would never want to see your concerns swept under the rug. However, there is absolutely no fine print in our Constitution that permits what you are defending. This is not isolationism.

      Without discrediting your concerns, I encourage you to learn the difference between isolationism and non-intervention. Ron Paul is NOT an isolationist. The law of the American land does NOT permit the government theft of taxation on its citizens to be re-distributed to other countries interests (even Israel). With respect to your position, Ron Paul is the only answer until more candidates adopt and conform with the God-given rights we are born with- freedom!

    • Ed Currier says:

      Spoken like a true power hungry control freak war monger. Print more money out of nothing, bankrupt the citizens to pay for occupying as many countries as possible who accept this to further their need for power and money all in the name of liberty. What an incredible sham. The good news is more people are waking up to this atrocity. Please people open your eyes!

    • Dagny Taggart says:

      Paul is not an isolationist. In fact, he is the only candidate who ISN’T an isolationist.

      He wants to pursue trade and diplomatic relationships. The others wants sanctions and bombs.

      When goods cross borders, boots do not.

      The real isolationists are those who want to pursue sanctions and war. Those are the people who are isolating us from the rest of the world.

      People need to learn the difference between non-interventionalist, as our founders intended, and isolationism, as is practiced by establishment politicians of today.

    • Alex says:

      Canada does not have an enormous military presence all over the world. Are they isolationist?

    • Kathy DiGangi says:

      I recommend you read Ron Paul’s book “A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Prosperity and Honest Friendship”. Listen to Ron Paul’s “What If” speech available on Youtube. America’s wars are based on lies. They are not fought to liberate anyone, nor to preserve the national security of any nation, including America and Israel. Listen to the many grassroots videos about Ron Paul’s foreign policy.

      If America followed Ron Paul’s foreign policy, which follows our Founding Fathers’ foreign policy, a World Revolution of Friendship, Prosperity and Peace would ensue. The world does not need all these wars. The people of the world are not divided by nature, we’re divided by the lies and propaganda which the military-industrial-banking complex feed us through their media whores and their faithful servants in academia.

      Also, listen to America’s most highly-decorated General Smedley Butler – his speech “War is a Racket”. And “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins.

    • Joe says:

      Ron Paul does not advocate isolationism. He’s for non-interventionism which is quite different. Non-interventionists, opposed to isolationists, trade and make friendships with countries and don’t go around being the policemen of the world. Your prime minister Netanyahu actually is in full agreement with Ron Paul:

    • cythara says:

      Eric Klein is wrong for Israel.
      Eric Klein is wrong for the United States.
      Eric Klein is wrong for the whole world.

    • Peter Cornstalk says:

      So who is right Eric? You think the rest that lie through their teeth about nuclear weapons in Iran are right for America? Who then? All the rest are war mongers and want to bomb Muslims for no good reason.

      You are just parroting the neocons with closed mind. You don’t know the difference between non-intervention and isolationism. Please stop repeating ignorance.

      Irael has stated they do not need us to protect themselves. So why you keep propagating a story about Israel needs us to protect them when they have an air force and nuclear weapons.

      How are we going to defend ourselves when we have no money to pay for a war from a real threat like China or Russian huh?

      In fact, you are wrong for the United States, Israel and the rest of the world.

    • tim says:

      Listen to yourself! You are saying that if we stop bombing countries, take our troops from their countries, and stop supporting their enemies, that they will attack us? Do you realize how ridiculous that is? And you believe it!? That would be the dumbest thing they could possibly do!!! They want us out of their business, why the hell would they incite a war with us and invite us back!?

    • Jeff C. says:

      I am hoping to actually get a reply from this poster. What I want to know is, “How do you define isolationism?”

    • Maribel says:

      I think is a valid view to think that other countries Islamist or not recent US military occupation and intervention around the world and that is possible that instead of making the world more peaceful, the US foreign policy has made me and my family less safe and has increased the likelihood of a terrorist attack. people that were not violent have become so because of desperation about all the death the military is causing. We don’t do ourselves any good to stick our heads in the sand and pretend that our interventions have anything to do with hatred towards the US.

    • Robert Zraick says:

      You Sir, are entitles to believe what you want. But you are part of the problem.

    • Diogenes says:

      ABC: Foreign Policy Experts Agree With Ron Paul’s Controversial Foreign Policy

      You need to turn off the propagandist television and do your own research. The media has mislabeled Ron Paul as isolationist, which he is not. His policies are non-interventionist and there is a big difference.

      North Korea is isolationist (discourages travel and trade with other nations).

      Sweden and Canada are non-interventionist (don’t go to war unless under attack or threat).

      Ron Paul’s budget for our military is FOUR TIMES the size of China’s. Just how much military do you neocons think we NEED?!??!?

    • Gary says:

      Eric Klein…your ignorance is only exceeded by your paranoia.

      Did you see yourself in the body of the article? You’re among those who are terrified of freedom, and therefore seek the refuge of the new “Baal”, symbolized by the U.S. government. The answer is so simple and very well identified and exposed by Rafi Farber: To be a free individual is to be a mature human being. It’s not only a gift from God, but an obligation placed on us by God. The obligation and opportunity to be free; to be Godlike as we were Created. Run and hide with the rest of the ignorant and fearful children if you must, but please at least stay out of the way.

    • Schmelmo says:

      Ron paul isn’t running to lead Israel, so your “wrong for Israel” statement really doesn’t matter.

      Your own president has stated before the US Congress that Israel can defend itself and does not need the US’s help.

      Living in an apartheid state is what pisses everyone else off in the region.

    • Dale says:

      it appears you have the need for power, not true freedon

      • circlev says:

        localized power, in contrast with centralized power, is a progression towards freedom. democracy is greatest on the local level.

    • Tim Gibson says:

      You’ve learned well.It’s not your fault you feel this way. Relax and settle your nerves.It’s okay to want the best for poor isolated Israel.You must realize that your baby must one day leave home.

    • elizabeth bookspan says:

      Just a thought, not an argument. Perhaps you give the muslims too much credit. The old U.S. of A may be responsible for the misdeeds of a few token muslims.

    • Jason says:

      Aaaaaaaannnnnnnd it is people like you, who are too fearful of liberty, and freedom, which will keep Ron Paul from being elected, as we watch our country eroding away. Then we wonder why the United States is going down thee tubes, when the reason is we keep making the same mistakes over, and over again, with no desire to change things. Ron Paul is the ONLY hope America has to restore its freedoms, financial stability, and become strong again.

    • TheRightView says:

      Thank God, sense and sensibility…. from Eric!

    • Rick Olive says:

      Why does being a superpower have to include turning a country upside down and trying to mold it into what you feel it should be,when history shows again and again it does not work and creates more enemies than you started with?Ron Paul was the only republican that did not vote against Israel when it took out Saddam’s nuke facility years ago stating Israel had the right to defend itself without approval from America.And those that hate us do so because we stuck our nose in their affairs-Iran had a democracy till we screwed it up for them by propping up a dictator of our choosing because we wanted part of their oil revenue which belonged to them in the first place.Killing more people will not solve our problems with muslims-only admitting to our mistakes of the past can open a door to a different and more peaceful relationship with muslims.Our foreign policy after WW2 has been appalling to say the least.Take all the “Terrorist” acts of violence since ww2 and combine them and it will not match the number of civilian deaths caused by CIA operations that did not make the world a better place.Are we now going to interfere with Iraqi decision making for years to come?Afghanistan is a failure,the Soviets could not change them to their way, by using harsher tactics i might add,and we will fail as well-unless our goal was to guard and control their drug harvest that we should destroy not protect.Pakistan is no longer an Ally(don’t believe they ever really were)Libya is not better off and will be a future enemy.The Arab world seems to have issues with Syria and it should be left to them to decide that country’s fate not the US.We should not have taken on any obligations for peace between Israel and Egypt to begin with and could care less if you buy any made in the USA products,Americans don’t buy them either because our government strangles business owners to the point the only way to compete is outsource the jobs.Americans have no problem creating jobs if the government would not tax and regulate them to bankruptcy.Small business’ are the backbone of this country and all our government and the Fed care about is large corporations and Ron Paul may or may not be able to fix what has been carelessly broken but he will try and give it 100%while doing so.And Ron Paul does not have to be right for Israel,it’s not his job,he has to be right for America first and foremost,if we get back on our feet,then is the time to be charitable to other nations.We are a giving country but we are give out.

    • briman4031 says:

      As an American, as a Protestant, and as a Human Being, you are incorrect. Ron Paul is right because he understands that it is not MY job to work, to give tax dollars to Israel or any other country when I cannot feed my own family. Ron Paul is right, because he is willing to look at history and see that the current state of the world, is due in part to US Interventionism. The policies the United States has pursued in shaping the world economy in our favor, has cost the lives of millions of innocent people around the world. We claim we’re worried about terrorism, yet we don’t document 20 million people simply walking across our Southern border. We claim we bomb people in the name of democracy and humanitarian assistance, yet our own democracy is depleted daily by the likes of the Patriot Act and Corporate sellouts in government. Our humanitarian assistance? We turned a blind eye to the people of Darfur and the Congo because they don’t have natural resources we need. Ron Paul is right, because he understands the power of economic partnerships. 40 years ago we had an avowed enemy in Communist China. It was when Nixon opened up trade with China, that they became our largest economic partner. Ron Paul is right because he understands our first priority is the United States, and we cannot continue to maintain this empire when we can’t feed our own. All great empires fall when their economy collapses.

    • Kazerus says:

      Eric, you are passionate in your thoughts and your argument is well laid out, but it has a false basis. Ron Paul is NOT an Isolationist. That term has been applied to him, by an antagonistic media, in a deliberate attempt to derail his actual message.

      Ron Paul IS an Constitutionalist. He is opposed to violating our own laws and principals in order to go to war. He is against so called “Cold Wars”. He is against forcing our presence on nearly 168 countries, many of which never asked for our presence in the first place. He is against declaring war on an Ideal or any war that can not be definitively won and ended.

      Ron Paul merely believes that the President of the USA is not a dictator (here or abroad) and should not act like one. In the USA only Congress can Declare war, yet we are fighting and dying in several countries without benefit of a Congressional Vote, proper Declaration of War, specified enemy or goals to gauge a win/loss end of the war. We are embattled on several fronts against an Ideal. Ideas are not defeated with the death of soldiers and civilians on both sides. There is NEVER an end to war with an Ideal. This is immoral and Ron Paul is the ONLY politician who wants to stop it!

      In the interests of brevity I will not belabor the point.

      Because of the terminology you have used, I suspect that you are getting your information about Ron Paul from Media Commentators. I would heartily encourage you to get your information from a much more reliable, un-filtered source. Listen to Ron Paul himself. Not just sound-bites and manipulated/edited coverage. If you do this, you will find that what the man says is truth, it makes sense, and it is all about Freedom! Freedom for individuals, freedom for States, freedom for Sovereign Nations. It does not mean an end to USA influence and necessary actions, just an end to unconstitutional, illegal, un-win-able, unending wars.

      Ron Paul is the Right answer for Israel.
      Ron Paul is the right answer for the United States.
      Ron Paul is the right answer, right now, for the whole world.

    • Greatscott says:


      You are obviously one of those who have been s slave too long to understand freedom. If our Government spends Trillions of dollars overseas to keep us safe, why is the Mexican border left wide open for those that hate us to walk through? Answer, the American government is at war with Americans, not Muslims.

    • Simply wiL says:

      youvare correct about there being a vacuum of power if the US becomes, as you say, an isolationist nation. however, it is NOT the responsibility of this nation to fight wars for all these other nations. we can not afford to continue these endeavors in such a manner. it has already crippled our economy and wreaked havoc on global market systems. continuation of these wars will assure global poverty for the people and extreme wealth for the few funding both sides of these conflicts.

      our first and foremost constitutional responsibility id the protection of out nation and our borders. i wont go in to these “perceived threat to national security” boogeymen we spend billions chasing in to the sunset. n korea has nukes, never used them, never caused any major uproar. we, america, killed 100,000+ oraqi civilians, men women and children, during the “war on terror”. we spent over 700 BILLION dollars. for what.

      to kill saddam and try and get western democracy in to a nation that we want to put in to control under a centralized banking system. they have valuable resources, tht is a commodity that you can bank on. do not be a blind man seeing only one side of things. problems will be with us being aggressive militaristic expansionists or isolationists. the difference with being home and not abroad is it costs less and nations can choose their own futures. not the futures we try to carve for them to follow.

      freedom doesnt come with strings. all we offer is more and more yarn for these nations we war in.
      we must put an end to it.

      prior US Army servicemember
      Sergeant, 31F, Network Systems Operator/Administrator/Maintainer

      i do not support these illegal wars.
      i support our troops
      they must be brought home
      enough is enough

    • Mark Voelker says:

      Speak no more of your imperial ambitions. This American wishes to live free in a Republic, not an Empire.

    • Robert Zraick says:

      I suppose that you have a right to an opinion and so do I. You are wrong.

      And it it certainly arrogant to speak of what is right ot wrong for the whole world. Most of the whole world which has been attacked and looted by the New American Empire would prefer Ron Paul to someone like you or any of the others candidates who support the crimes against humanity which must seem okay to you.

      America through the actions of its government is hated world wide by everyone who has been victimized. This was not true when we valued the Constitution, and were in a breif period historically speaking following our foundations.

      Those who are friendly to the U.S. are either afraid of the bloated military of the empire, or socialistic nations who are all in trouble due to the failure of collectivism.

      Ron Paul is the Statesman who can change to course of our actions and will stem the march to our collapse. If and when that happens, I hope you are prepared to pay a terrible price for your ignorance.

  105. SAkerlund says:

    God bless your soul Duncan. A rose is a rose is a rose.

  106. valerie says:

    I thank you for your support of Dr. Paul; however I do not understand your freedom message when the Palestinians are not afforded those same freedoms. Maybe I am misunderstanding your blogs? Maybe I am misunderstanding the Palestinian cause? Could you please elaborate more on your feelings toward the Palestinians?

    I believe in your message of freedom and support your message of freedom. I am not coming down on you, but I do believe freedom is for every man, woman and child no matter your ancestry. We are all brothers and sisters in this world as we have only one Father and that is God.

    • Rafi says:

      Hi Valerie,

      Your comment is important enough to warrant a separate response in a new post. Check back in a day or two and I will post your comment and my response in full.

      • Lori says:

        I read this this post in reply to Valerie, while I don’t 100% agree with everything you stated, I am gaining a much greater insight into the situation in Israel. Thank you for being the mouthpiece from Israel for Freedom Rafi. I also appreciate the fact that you do speak in the terms American Christians/readers can understand even though you have gotten blasted from some of your jewish readers. Godbless you in all you do.

  107. San San Lim says:

    beutifully written, a moving feeling and it is so true…. I love your piece of work

  108. sasha lemure says:

    Nice post. I was wondering what your thoughts would be on why most of the hit pieces on Ron Paul that have surfaced lately have been written by Jews?
    I’ve read articles by James Kirchick, Jonah Goldberg, Ed Kotch, Michael Savage and others that really slander Dr Paul. What are they afraid of?

    • Rafi says:

      They are afraid of being alone. And Ron Paul wants to leave the Jews alone. They are afraid of being Jews and only having God to rely on, afraid of being independent, of being self reliant.

      • Yrachmiel says:

        I’m curious about Ron Paul’s newsletters? What are your thoughts on those? I when I first heard about RP back in the 90s I searched for more info on him and those were the 1st documents to come up. No one was complaining about them or disavowing them then.

        Does Israel need American money? Sure, why not. But you have to put the aid in context. Israel and Egypt both receive money from the US -it’s part of the peace agreement. Prior to that agreement Egypt received weapons from the USSR. So now the money is reinvested in the US defence industry; not Russia’s.

        As an aside, I recall Israel was running out of munitions during the 06 war with Hezbollah and America helped replenish those stocks. Clearly we don’t have the capacity.

        Of course we can open a debate as to why the world needs to continue an arms race – and America’s overt involvement in that – but we are dealing with human nature… Obama wanted to reduce the US’ stockpile of nukes and North Korea and Iran stepped up to the nuclear arms “plate”.

        Limiting America’s involvement with the world will just embolden the enemies of western civilization. Is that a good thing? I’m afraid RP ‘may’ prove to be good for the USA (and she needs to get strong again, and bz H’S she will), but not good for the world.

        As for H’S, well I have only this to say: we have the choice to follow His ways, but if we do not, He will see to it that the world progresses the way He wants it to enable his prophecies.

        - Y (in Tzfat)

    • TheRightView says:

      They are afraid he’s going to try to isolate us, assuming the rest of the world will fight to the end and leave us alone. Many historians agree that there were not two world wars – that what we thought was the end of the war turned out to be an intermission because we tried isolating ourselves – and ended up having to go back and finish the war. There is too much nuclear power out there to make that same mistake again.
      As far as his letters, Ron Paul is not one to let others speak for him and not know what they’re saying. The “I didn’t know…..” didn’t work for Cain when the written ‘settlement’ showed up, and it won’t work for Paul now that the newsletters have shown up.

  109. Cory Soulier says:

    I applaud you!!!!

  110. Von says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for one of the most inspiring and true pieces of writing I have found in ages.

    Every word is truth.

    You “get it” and get it good my friend. That is for sure


  111. Jason S says:

    Rafi – thank you in so many ways. I’ve shared this with most everyone I can online. This is what the world, and specifically us in the USA, needs to hear. It’s only going to get worse until someone like Paul who believes in liberty gets elected.

    Though we may disagree on the path to eternal freedom – we recognize that it does indeed come from our Creator God. The only thing I’ve seen in the political field which is close to the freedom I’ve received from God is the message of liberty that Ron Paul is promoting. I thank you for sharing this energizing message of liberty and relish in our common ground of Isaiah the prophet:

    Isaiah 61:1
    The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound;

  112. eric adcock says:

    This is my Facebook post from earlier today before I read this article. This article confirms my earlier post, so here it is:
    I cry (literally weep) every time I watch this man. It’s like a person who has been held in a re-education camp (the media) for the past 20 years and told nothing but lies until they start to believe them yet deep inside they know that something is very very wrong. Then along comes a man who tells them the truth and exposes all of the lies and makes them realize that they never were crazy but had simply been convinced to believe a lie. It is such a relief that you cannot help but weep and feel a deep love for the man who cared enough to tell you the truth even though it means that many times he has had to stand alone. That is how I feel about Ron Paul.

  113. Jesus Christ!!! And I’m not a religious man! That was beautifully written and it reflects the same emotions and feelings that I’ve been trying to verbalize! You have hit the nail on the head! Bravo!

  114. OWNtheNWO says:

    I pray to God that the hearts and minds of the men women and children of Israel awaken as you have, because soon after you will know peace with the children of Ishmael.

  115. Rikki says:

    Absolutely stunning! You have so eloquently described the very emotions that I have been feeling lately. I care not what political party a person belongs to or what race they may be or any other divisive faction that we can think of to seperate us as people, I only care about whether a person understands true freedom is of imperitive importance. I have spent most all of my spare time trying to share this message and Dr. Ron Paul with others. We have spent far too long looking for reasons to divide ourselves up into groups. Freedom is the ultimate uniter. God Bless you for your honest and comforting words. I will be sharing this with others.

  116. Ant says:

    Excellent post, Rafi.

    I have an idea. What do you think of a paid polling from those in your country either about their ideas on America letting your country alone to do what it needs to do for it’s own good and the good of it’s people? If you’ll have a professional polling done or you can get someone to do that maybe we can get it heard here in America.

    • Rafi says:

      most people here think that if america stops giving aid, they won’t have food to eat in the morning. You don’t want to see the results of that poll.

  117. Texas Chris says:

    Wonderful piece! Thank you!

  118. Matt says:

    Quality. Sir, that is the only word I have to describe your post.

    Sometimes I wonder if I’ve gone crazy, but it does me wonders to see I’m not alone.

    Thank you.

  119. tog2476 says:

    That was one of the most amazing pieces I have ever seen. I think you need to contact the Ron Paul campaign and go to work for them, you would be an amazing asset to the r3VOLution!!!! The corrupt media only uses his foreign policy against him, you may be the key to ending that. You need to contact them, here is the phone number…

    Headquarters Phone (Toll-Free):


    Headquarters Phone (Local):


    Store Phone (Local):


    Headquarters Fax:


    Keep up the great work!!!!

  120. Mary says:

    You write beautifully, Rafi, thank you for sharing your passion.

  121. Scott says:

    It’s on the the Daily Paul. Which is how I found it. I’ll twittering now.
    Thank you.

  122. RaulC says:

    I loved this whole story. I am touched down to my soul, and am so glad there are just as many people who thirst for truth and freedom. Those who are with us are more than those who are with them. We need not be afraid. Fight the good fight.

  123. Tkeisha says:

    I just got chills from reading this. WOW! You are exactly right. Ron Paul is igniting souls and my heart burns with the heat of that fire. Great job! I’m reposting this on Facebook.

  124. Eric Hackenberger says:

    This is a beautiful post, I could feel your words. As an atheist no less too :P

  125. Simon Zur says:

    Thank you for this wonderful letter. We are pretty fond of Dr. Paul here in America. I am a Christian, and I have never been inspired to be a better person by anyone, other than Jesus Christ. Of course, Christ holds the highest place in my heart. His was the message of liberty. True liberty that can be found in the seeking, drawing ever near and finding Almighty God from whom we have been lost. He was a man who inspired the best in people and earned their trust and loyalty. Ron Paul is similar, but not the same, but it is this similarity that comes through in his message. Just read Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” and compare the attributes of Ron Paul to those mentioned in the Beatitudes. Go ahead, I dare you. lol

    Anyway, we are having a “Prayer Bomb” for Ron Paul and for liberty on January 1st. Search, “Ron Paul Prayer Bomb” on Facebook and pledge your prayers on that day. May God bless you and keep you all.

    • Rafi says:

      Thanks Simon. I have my own bible, so I’ll skip the sermon on the mount. It’s taken from my Bible anyway. I’m in on the Ron Paul prayer bomb, though I am making it clear to everyone that I only pray to God, not to any man, ever.

  126. Lori Vaughan says:

    You are a beautiful human being…this blog has lit a fire in my soul I haven’t felt for a long time. Real freedom is indescribable. It motivates, inspires, and ignites a passion in us that nothing else can. I will be sharing this my friend with everyone I can. Godspeed to you in all your endeavors.

  127. Christian Reconstructiot (a type of very conservative Calvinism) Joel McDurmon has given you major coverage: “Jews for Ron Paul” to US voters: “Let my people go!”

  128. Robert says:

    Another Ron Paul supporter shared this with me today. This is excellent and I’m sharing it around as well. It especially hits home when I see people defending freedom as coming from and belonging to God rather than a man or group of men who control a nation. I especially like to see opinions from the people affected by our foreign policy instead of the usual political pundits, so thanks for that as well.

  129. k says:

    how come you do not write “G-d” I never heard of a Jew who writes “God”

    are you a plant?

    • Rafi says:

      THAT’S your comment??
      Are you SERIOUS?
      A moving message about liberty and human freedom and souls and THAT’S what you write?


      • k says:

        haha, so you are a plant, I would like to see some Proof that you are a Settler Jew living in Israel

        probably some Ron Paul fan living somewhere in the states

        as said, Jews always leave out the O when writing God, especially religious Jews

        • Rafi says:

          Well K…you got me! I must be lying about everything because I spell God with an O.

          According to hilchos Shabbos, one of the 39 avos melachos (39 kinds of work you can’t do on Shabbat) is ktivah, or writing. Writing is defined as using symbols that convey ideas or sounds.

          Applying the halachic principle of ktivah to spelling the word God, there is no difference, according to Rav Moshe Feinstein, between spelling God with a – as in G-d, or spelling God with an O, since both the – and the O would signify the same sound.

          That, and the shem meforash, the tetragrammaton (look it up) is the only name of God one is not allowed to write outside the context of kedusha. “God” comes from the indo european word “Good” and is written loazi (foreign language other than hebrew) so it has absolutely nothing to do with the prohibition of writing the tetragrammaton.

          I can’t believe I’m wasting my time on this nonsense. Why did I even publish your inane comments?

          • Skip says:

            Freedom also includes the opportunity to act like a fool..

            K, lived out his dream on your blog.


            Skip Cook
            Little Rock, USA

          • mic fletcher says:

            LOL…….Rafi ….thanks for the article …you are a class act … but that little side show made me laugh too.

          • Dale says:

            Rafi there`s a couple in every bunch, don`t let a boob like her set you off just laugh at her every one else is

        • Amy says:

          K, yes you are fastest than the speed of light however you know nothing.

  130. Some wonderful Rose Wilder Lane-style rhetoric here. Awesome.

    One recurring theme in Lane’s book The Discovery of Freedom is that men are all free, whether they know it or not, in that all men have free will, whether they know it or not. Men err, she says, in falsely believing that Authority controls them. For example, she says, the Egyptian people asked Joseph to enslave them during the famine, because they could not conceive of anyone controlling them other than Authority. People petition the government to save them because they falsely believe that only Authority can control them. But no, she says, all men have free will, and as soon as they realize that the government has power only because they obey it, and that no law is effective unless it is voluntarily obeyed, they realize the sham of Authority, and realize that all men are free.

    And you’ll like this passage from Lane’s book: Abraham “had taught his increasing family that men are free.” (p. 73) “Abraham said that none of these gods exist. He said that God is the One Creator-and-Judge. God is The Right, he said; Rightness creates the universe and judge’s men acts. (As water judge’s a swimmer’s rightness in swimming, God judges rightness in living.) But God does not control any man, Abraham said; a man controls himself, he is free to do good or evil in the sight of God.” (p. 74) “When you think of the pagan world as it was in the historical time when only the Israelites held this truth, you see their preserving it as the great achievement of all history.” (p. 75) “They were a very small group, surrounded by powerful pagan empires; Egypt in the south, Armenia, Persia, Chaldea, Babylonia, Assyria, in the north and east, and in the west, Rome. The most promising young Israelites were always falling in love with pagan girls. The pagan achievements awed them all. When you see the incredible walls of Baalbek or Tadmor, in ruins as they are now, and even with the memory of New York’s towers behind your eyelids, you are struck dumb. The simple Israelites who saw these gigantic cities in their magnificence, dwarfing their thronging populations, must have been stunned. They would have melted humbly into those pagan multitudes, if their strong men had not stood in the way and driven them back with threats, telling them that they were like no other people, that they were set apart, chosen to know the truth and hold to it. They wanted to be ‘like all the other nations.’ But to be like any other people, they must forget that men are free. That is the truth they held. Therefore, of course, they were anarchists. They lived and prospered for centuries, with no government whatsoever.” (pp. 77f.)

  131. Duncan Stewart says:

    This is by far, one of the best blog posts I have read concerning Ron Paul. It’s fair and very insightful.

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